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Why Rabbits Bring Easter Eggs and Other Fun Bunny Facts

April 12, 2022

Easter is one of the most fun and festive holidays of the entire year. But you’ve probably wondered: where does the idea of the Easter Bunny come from, and why does the Easter Bunny bring eggs? 


The legend of a gift-giving bunny at Easter seems to have first come from Germany. The earliest mention of an Easter Hare bringing eggs and hiding them in a garden dates back to the 17th century. Like Germany Santa traditions, the Easter Hare rewards children who are well-behaved. In anticipation of the Easter Hare, children would even make nests for their eggs. 


The word Easter comes from the name of a spring goddess, Eostre. Jacob Grimm, a 19th century folklorist who also published beloved versions of favorite fairytales, thought that rabbits were associated with Eostre.


There’s no direct proof that rabbits were connected with this goddess. But, rabbits have often been a symbol of spring. Since rabbits multiply very quickly, it makes sense that they would be linked with a season that is full of birth and rebirth. 




Eggs have also been symbols of birth, rebirth, and creation in many cultures around the world dating back to ancient times. Naturally, eggs became symbols of spring too. 


Some early Christians even used eggs to symbolize Easter since the holiday is a time of rebirth. Though today Easter is remembered as a Christian holiday, Christians and non-Christians alike look forward to receiving a visit from the Easter Bunny. 


So it seems that the idea of the Easter Bunny is a mix of Christian and folk traditions. Now, it’s hard to think of Easter without the Easter Bunny! 


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