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The Best Gifts to Get Dad This Father's Day

June 14, 2022

Father’s Day is a time when we celebrate our fathers and all they’ve done to shape us into the people we are today. The first Father’s Day was celebrate over a century ago, though it did not become an official holiday 1972 – almost 60 years after Mother’s Day became official! (Read more about the history of Father’s Day here.) 


There are tons of ways you can spend Father’s Day with your dad. Maybe you want to cook him a special meal, like breakfast in bed, dine out for brunch, or prepare a meal together. Perhaps there’s a special activity he loves that you want to do together on this day like going fishing, playing ball, or heading out for a hike. 


Of course, Father’s Day isn’t just to celebrate dads – it’s an occasion to recognize all the men in our lives who have made an impact on us. In addition to celebrating your father, you may want to honor grandfathers, uncles, teachers, and other mentors. 


But whoever and however you celebrate Father’s Day, you’ll want to find a great gift. And we’ve got the perfect list of ideas for you! 


For the techie dad 

man drinking coffee and using digital tablet technology


We’re all more and more plugged in these days, which means dad will certainly appreciate some of the latest gadgets and gizmos. Staying on top of tech trends isn’t just an indulgence anymore, it’s essential help us all live more fully and productively. Here are just a few items you might want to gift on Father’s Day. Even grandfathers who are resistant to trying new technology can appreciate these gifts once they realize they can be more connected to their kids and grandkids. 


  • Extra phone charging cables 
  • Charging station for multiple devices 
  • Phone power packs or batteries 
  • Tablets or e-readers 
  • Custom phone cases 
  • Bluetooth earbuds or headphones 
  • Smart watches 
  • Streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV 
  • Amazon Echo or Google Home 
  • Bluetooth speakers  

For the outdoorsy dad 

man and boy father and son on dock fishing


There’s nothing like the great outdoors to help us recharge, right? Getting fresh air and sunlight is a surefire way to help you clear your head, reduce stress, and reconnect to yourself. Spending time in nature is a favorite activity for both dads and moms, of course. And there are so many ways for the whole family to have fun in the sun. But the men in your life are sure to appreciate some of these gifts to help them enjoy spending time in nature. 


  • Portable cooler 
  • Firepit 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Fishing equipment 
  • Camping equipment 
  • Lawn care equipment 
  • Swiss army knife 
  • Water bottles 
  • Hammock 

For the foodie dad

three generations of men cooking outside together father son grandfather

Gone are the days when mom reigned supreme in the kitchen. More and more dads enjoy showing off their culinary prowess, whether that’s outside at the grill or in the kitchen. So why not get your father some tools to help create the perfect dish? And when you cook together, you’ll be certain to whip up some unforgettable memories, too. Besides some of the tools below, you might also want to consider giving dad some of favorite foods and beverages, or even a subscription box so he can try new items all year long. 


  • Grilling tools
  • Knives
  • Knife sharpener
  • Bar tool set
  • Tumblers
  • Pint glasses
  • Kitchen scale
  • Pizza stone

For the dad who needs extra pampering 


We all need some self-care, but sometimes our dads are the last people who want to treat themselves. Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to get him some gifts that can encourage him to treat himself. If you want to really help him indulge, you may even want to get him a gift certificate to a local spa – nowadays, there are even lots of facilities that cater specifically to men. And these gift ideas below can help him relax and replenish anywhere, anytime. 


  • Slippers 
  • Robe 
  • Massage gun 
  • Dopp kit 
  • Electric razor  
  • Razor and badger hair shaving brush 
  • Beard oil or balm 
  • Cologne or aftershave 
  • Handcrafted soaps 
  • Weighted blanket 

We hope you found some inspiration to add magic to your Father’s Day this year using these gift ideas. And don’t forget to include a card! Handmade cards from kids always add a charming touch to any Father’s Day gift.  


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