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Spring Activities to Capture Easter Traditions in 2022

March 14, 2022


Spring is in the air, and the smell is captivating! With semi-sweet notes of April showers and May flowers, we’re excited to start planning spring activities that will capture the magic to celebrate forever. This spring, shake up the traditional Easter season with a little Holiday Magic LIVE – curated, themed events that bring the spring season to life!  Holiday Magic LIVE is the best way to energize your favorite traditions with family and friends!


1. Tie-Dye Magic with Bunny


Tie Dye is the most vibrant way to get outside and have a blast adding fun, spring colors to your wardrobe! Pastel colors are a spring staple and we all love a good DIY project – so why not combine the two?? Meet the season in colorful apparel when you visit Bunny. The pastel colors are sure to shake up your traditional Bunny photo and make you feel all spring-y.  


To create a moment to remember, get crafty with your favorite people by making tie-dye clothing and accessories yourself. For inspirational methods to tie and dye, head to this super handy Tie-Dye To-Dos Pinterest board! 


Get started making your own Tie-Dye looks, styled from head-to-toe with these special insider tips! 


TIP #1 
Think outside the T-Shirt! ANYTHING can be tie-dyed if you get creative. Headbands, masks, bandanas, jeans, shoes, socks – if you can wear it, you can dye it! 


TIP #2 
Did you get an Easter Egg dyeing kit this year? You can use the same dye tablets that come with your kit - like magic, your outfit is truly inspired by the best spring holiday. 


TIP #3 
Mix it up with inverse tie-dye in just ONE extra step: Bleach! For this, you will want to begin with black apparel, then follow tie dye steps first using bleach (and gloves!!) before going back in with the dye. Be sure to Save & follow our Pinterest board of step-by-step instructions on how to reverse tie dye! 


Two girls holding hands, eating icecream and wearing tie-dye shirts


2. College Night with Bunny 


College Students!! We know you're skipping class, so you might as well skip, jump, and hop on over to a special Bunny visit just for you - the college student! Deck yourself out in all your favorite college gear and team jerseys, grab your roommates, friends, Greek sisters and brothers and kickoff the spring season with a Bunny photo! #BunnyMagicCollegeNight 


Use these tips to have even more fun with your Bunny Magic College experience: 


TIP #1 
Jazz-up your existing college-wear with some simple DIY hacks to upcycle your wardrobe! For the easiest ones, check-out our carefully curated College Pinterest Board. 


TIP #2 
Get your friends excited about it too – invite them on Facebook 

And capture the Bunny Magic in matching college gear. With printable heat transfer vinyl, anyone can make their own gear! Peep DIY Heat Transfer T-Shirts for the best tutorials from Pinterest boards  


Diverse group of college students holding school supplies smile for a group picture


Book your reservation at now and don’t forget to share your Bunny Magic College photos with all your friends on social media using #CollegeNightWithBunny 


3. Dads + Daughters with Bunny 


Are you a cool dad with an even cooler daughter? Or maybe a daughter who loves her father despite his non-stop dad jokes? Then this is the perfect event for you! Come to our Dads & Daughters date night at your local mall for an unforgettable Bunny Magic experience. Visit the Bunny, capture the memory with a special photo package, and share your experience online! #DadsAndDaughtersBunnyMagic!    


Dad wearing Bunny Ears costume holds daughter on hip, daughter holds 2 Easter eggs over eyes in goofy fashion


Check out these insider tips to get those one-of-a-kind father/daughter photos you’ve always wanted! 


TIP #1 
Bored with dyeing Easter eggs? Temporarily dye your hair (or just a section of it) for a modern and cohesive Father-Daughter look! We saved the easiest ways to temporarily dye your hair for Easter on our Pinterest board, 


TIP #2 
Dress to impress!  

Dads: wear your formal suits & break out those wacky socks and ties! 
Daughters: get dressed-up like its prom night by upcycling outfits from previous years to make your own new Easter fashions! 


TIP #3 
Showcase your family’s unique sense of humor by bringing your own family-friendly DIY photo props 


4. BFF Magic with Bunny 

2 young girls smiling in a warm embrace


Grab your best friends, your matching outfits, and book your visit! Here are 3 fun ideas to make your visit egg-straordinary. 


TIP #1 
You can be goofy or trendy, but either way, if you coordinate matching outfits and seasonal nails, you and your best friends will have a special memory to look back on! 


TIP #2 

It’s easy to make your own matching bracelets in 3 steps! 

  1. Head to your favorite online craft store.
  2. Select a color scheme that you all like .
  3. Make your bracelets! We’ve already picked out the best designs for you to make it even easier for you!

TIP #3 

Link up with other BFF groups to make it competitive! Invite everyone to our Facebook event, then give each group a specific color to wear and see which group can come out with the best picture! 


We all love our best friends - no matter how old we get! This is the easiest way to do what best friends love more than anything – take photos together! Don’t forget to book your reservation at Share how cute you and your Bestie are in your Bunny photos on social media with #BunnyMagicBFFStyle.   



5. Pet Night Bunny Magic 


Calling all Pet Lovers! Venues across America are hosting and curating special times for your floofiest friends to snap a pic with the Hoppiest Friend of all – The Easter Bunny! Get your pets dressed to the 9’s - 9 lives that is, because tonight is their time to be a star! Bunny is ready to see animals big and small, so just head on down to your local mall! From coast to coast, across the United States – Bunny is ready to capture the magic with your favorite furry friends! 


The cuteness factor on these Pet Night with Bunny pictures is astronomical! From Dachshunds to Golden Retrievers, with Bichon Frises and actual Bunnies in between… All species of pets love hanging with Bunny and the resulting pictures are too cute to handle! 

  Dog wearing bunny ears costume and big smile laying belly up in a field of grass


Crank the cuteness Volume to 11 this Easter season and dress your pet up in adorable costumes for their set time with Bunny! Costume ideas could range from various props like Bunny ears, Easter baskets, “grass” tinsel… literally anything Easter related would stay on theme… but Halloween costumes are not discouraged to say the least!


Patrons visiting the Easter Bunny have the opportunity to donate to The Humane Society of the United States! Your donations can affect the lives of millions -their mission of ending the cruelest practices toward all animals, caring for animals in crisis, and building a stronger animal protection movement can become more of a reality with the generosity of those fortunate enough to give a life well lived to animals in need.  



6. Bunny Cares 


April is Autism Awareness Month and Cherry Hill Programs is partnering with Autism Speaks to create sensory-friendly opportunities to visit the Bunny. Malls can be an overwhelming place of crowded areas, loud noises, bright lights and more, but Bunny Cares sessions will take place before the mall opens to help ensure a calm, sensory-friendly visit. 

  young boy wearing bunny ears costume, laying stomach down in the grass, posing for a picture with his head resting in his hand


Celebrate Bunny Magic in a sensitive environment and capture the moment with a commemorative photo package! Bunny Cares events are special events for children with special needs and their families. During these events, each location will take steps to reduce sensory triggers and provide a much more comfortable environment to allow children to visit the Easter Bunny. Information on participating times and locations can be found at Holiday Magic Live. 
Let’s help and support the Autistic community! Each participating location will also be collecting donations for Autism Speaks throughout the season. Share your pics on your social medias with the hashtags #BunnyCares2022 #SensoryFriendly #AutismAwareness #BunnyCares! 


These festive spring activities spice up traditional Easter Bunny photos for everyone, and you'll want to get everyone involved! From old college pals to new friends you've made this year. These fun themes will get everyone inspired to connect with unforgettable events that will kick-off the spring season with a positive attitude. Click the button below to subscribe for more tips and tricks all year long! 



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