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Capture Candid Moments with 6 Fun Activities for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

February 14, 2022

Don’t settle for a Valentine’s DAY when you can have a Valentine’s celebration all year long!

Here are 6 of our favorite ways to capture love in every season:


  1. Duke it out in a Board-Game Olympics

Ready to raise the stakes on board game fun? This Olympic style tournament consists of selecting an ODD number of different board-games, ideally 5 to 7 (because an even number of games would result in a tie) and battling it out to see who comes out the winner! This tournament is sure to be an exciting and competitive experience for all involved, and the candid memories that will result from this tremendous event may very well last years!


11.12.21_Why Holidays Are Important + activities, tips and tricks_family game night

  1. Solve a Personalized puzzle with your Sweetie

So... spinning off on the theme of board games, imagine how cute it would be to solve a puzzle with your partner's picture... AS THE PUZZLE!! Real cute kicker here, what if you surprised your partner by hiding the reference image. Using nothing but teamwork and deductive reasoning to solve the mystery of “What could it be?” It's super simple, only 252 pieces, and I found my personalized puzzle at


  1. Let Your Partner Choose a NEW Restaurant



What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a dinner date? This is the perfect adventure for two people who have yet another thing in common other than love – their taste buds! The key here will be choosing somewhere neither one of you has been before so that each person gets to "report back" on how much they enjoyed it. This might mean asking friends or family for their favorites, finding out what’s popular among locals or researching some options via online review sites.


  1. Confusing but ADORABLE Non-dominate, Handwritten “I Love You’s"

Nothing says "I love you" like a handwritten note... that is, unless your partner can't read your handwriting. We introduce to you, non-dominate, hand-written I love you letters. This sentimental and playful activity combines the challenge of writing legibly with your non-dominate hand and being able to effectively read what southern states refer to as, "chicken-scratch handwriting." Partners will chuckle when attempting to read the bad handwriting, and it’s guaranteed to bring laughs (and love!) all year long!





  1. Don't just tell them you love them, show them with a Sentimental Arts and Crafts gift straight from the heart!

What's better than a fun and crafty date? Pick a creative activity that you can share together and make it a date. No grand gestures needed here; the best sentimental gifts come from the heart!


  1. How Exciting would a Thrift Shop Fashion Show and Dinner be?

The rules are simple. Partners agree upon a maximum price cap. $10 is a good place to start, and remember, the lower the price, the more challenging and memorable this experience will be! Choose an outfit for your partner while they choose one for you, and then –– you guessed it folks, the only remaining rule is to find a restaurant to enjoy a memorable night in a thrifty outfit!






If you and your partner are up for it, make this Valentine’s Day extra spicy and mix up plans this year with a combination of ideas mentioned above for an even more special evening!


There are plenty of ways you can celebrate love throughout the year, and we hope these ideas will help you find the love. Whether it’s with your spouse, pet, a friend or family member, there is no shortage of ideas to show how much you care.



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