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Santa Magic: A Moment to Remember  

December 31, 2021

Christmas has come and gone imperceptibly fast and after all the waiting and preparations for the celebration, the days after often feel like a setback. The holidays are time for families and friends to gather and have fun together, free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so there is no wonder that once they are over, getting back to your normal routine is rather hard. And if you got to experience the Santa Magic this holiday season, this task seems rather impossible to achieve!  

The annual visit with Santa is one of the most cherished activities that many people look forward to year after year and there is no wonder! Experiencing the Santa Magic is not only a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones, but also one helping you to preserve the holiday magic all year long, allowing it to live on through the beautiful images captured with family, friends, and pets. And yes, Christmas might be gone too fast, but Santa Magic 2021 is already in the books, making the celebration of the holidays last all year long and turning every single memory into a moment to remember forever.  


Unfortunately, everything good comes to an end, and capturing the Santa Magic in person is no exception to this rule. But hey, don’t be sad! Santa Magic will be back in 2022, and it will be more powerful than ever before! And in the meantime, let’s look back and appreciate the amazing holidays that have passed with some of the best Santa Magic photos of the season, capturing what your favorite experience is all about. 


Because YOU Know How to Bring the Santa Magic! 


Santa Magic Time= Best Time!

Is there even a place for arguments? This happy smile says it all! 



Santa Magic is the Most Powerful Magic! 

The Santa Magic is SO powerful that it can turn your world upside-down. In a good way. You don’t believe it? Here is the solid proof. 



Santa Magic is a Real-Life Fairy Tale 

There is no better holiday experience than Story Time with Santa! Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in your favorite holiday tale read by Santa himself! And the best part of it? 


The magic of Story Time is for everyone to enjoy! 


So much so that even Santa is a fan! 

Santa Magic might be over, but it is not too late to experience Story Time in the comfort of your own home. Put on your favorite pajamas, cuddle up with a delicious cup of cocoa and let Santa do the rest! Enjoy virtual holiday magic with the classic tale of Twas the Night Before Christmas. 


Santa Magic is Loved by Everyone! 

Santa Magic is available for every member of your family! And since fur babies are a part of it and are always on the good list (as proven on this picture), a Pet Night visit with Santa should definitely be on the holiday to-do list of every pet mom or dad out there! 


And don’t be shy- Santa loves all the animals!  


Need to repeat that once again? Every pet is welcome to capture the Santa Magic, even if it doesn’t exactly qualify as a “fur” baby! Look at this little hat! 


Santa Magic is Everywhere Around You!  

This holiday season the Santa Magic was available to enjoy in your favorite Big Lots location. Want to rest after your shopping spree and gather some much-needed holiday magic? Santa got your back! 


And yes, your bestie is welcome to join- the more the merrier! 


Santa Magic Got Stolen? No, but Holiday Magic Village Stole Many Hearts This Holiday Season!


This holiday season everyone was surprised to learn that Santa collided worlds with no other but The Grinch ™ ©Dr. Seuss himself! The news of the most exciting holiday experience of the year- The Holiday Magic Village were so big and shocking that they quickly made headlines across the country. 


Making their way over from The Grinch ™ ©Dr. Seuss to Santa some of the people still couldn’t believe that all the holiday magic was happening under the same roof and were unable to hide their excitement..


while others were unable to hide which team they are on and showed of their true colors in the most adorable way possible.


Overall, The Holiday Magic Village proved to be the ultimate experience of the season, where the holiday magic was present during all times- even behind the scenes!


Santa Magic Entered Your Home This Holiday Season!

My Photo allows you to create some fantastic holiday memories without having to turn your living room into a film studio! Simply upload your favorite personal pictures to the platform and appear immediately in beautiful, festive backgrounds!  

Are you a chocolate lover? Celebrate your love with My Photo SANTA MAGIC! 


Are you an aspiring DJ? Celebrate your passion with My Photo SANTA Magic! 


Are you a Pet Mom or a Pet Dad? Celebrate your fur baby’s obvious excitement for New Year’s Eve with My Photo PETS! There is something for everyone to enjoy! 


My Photo SANTA MAGIC & My Photo PETS are available for you to access all the way up until January 31st! Don’t miss out- continue the holiday magic now on .


Santa Magic Let’s You Express Your Creativity 

There are numerous fun Santa Magic events hosted during the holiday season thanks to Holiday Magic Live! Surprising Santa by dressing like one of his elves or grabbing the fam and visiting him while wearing your matching holiday PJs? Santa loved these visits and being a part of your creative ideas! 


If you want to put on your favorite ugly holiday sweater, visit Santa with your grandparents or pop on a fun prop for your picture with him next year go on and do so! And here is a little secret: Santa's favorite props are the ones reminding him of his beloved reindeers. Just look at his smile! 


And if you want to bring your own sparkle and shine to your Santa Magic experience you are more than welcome to do so! Recreating this scene from a favorite holiday movie deservingly gets the #1 spot in the Most Creative Santa Magic Images That Have Ever Existed! 


Santa Magic Cares

It is never too early to introduce the Santa Magic to your child, but everyone can agree that visiting the old man with a new-born is an adventure on its own. But don’t you worry- whatever the situation is, Santa got your back! Because after all the result of your child first visit with Santa should be nothing less than pure Magic! 


Not everyone can find the holiday magic in the bright Christmas lights or the loud cheer from the people around them. Because of this Santa Magic 2021 was back with Sensory-Friendly events, letting children and grown-ups on the autism spectrum enjoy the ultimate holiday experience in convenient, early opening hours. And this picture right here is the precise moment where you can witness the Magic happening with your own eyes. How amazing is that? 


Santa Magic is On the Nice List 

Well, everyone knew that already but just in case there are any doubts left, here is a picture proving that this is indeed true! 


Santa Magic Can Bring a Smile to Everybody’s Face! 

“We brought our 10-month-old Daughter, to meet Santa for the first time. Santa was so patient, kind, and knew just what to do to get our baby comfortable to get the PERFECT photo! He was insistent that she has a great first experience, so that her future visits will be just as positive! 

Please give Santa our love!” 

This right here is the Santa Magic summed up in one beautiful picture. Santa sends his love back!


And if you think that Santa Magic is only for the children to enjoy, you better think twice! 


Santa Magic is Not Always Perfect 

Sometimes visiting Santa doesn’t always go exactly as planned. Just like everything in life Santa Magic is not perfect either and there are times when even if you try to bring JOY to the picture, it doesn’t really help. But.. 


What really matters is to never give up! Give everything you do your best, smile through the hardships and the final result will positively surprise you!  


And Last But Not Least- THANK YOU! 

Santa Magic never looked so good, and it is all because of YOU!  Thank you for an amazing season and looking forward to capturing the Magic with you in 2022! 




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