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Photography Tips + Tricks to Celebrate National Camera ...

June 15, 2021

In honor of National Camera Day on June 29th, we're talking to the experts at Cherry Hill Programs, the leader in experiential photography. There’s no better way to celebrate this holiday than to share tips, tricks and all things cameras from the most talented photographers in the industry. You’ll get the inside scoop on how the team at Cherry Hill Programs captures photo magic all year long!


Casey Littlefield, Retail Field Training and Development Manager, has worked for CHP since 2019, but his professional journey began years before at WorldWide Photography. Casey’s love of photography unfolded at the start of his career as the Equipment/Event Manager at Bob Knight Photo Marketing. From there, his love for photography led him to various roles within operational photography, ranging from Territory Photo Manager and Equipment Manager to District Manager and his current position now. Casey’s an integral part of training local photographers to capture holiday magic every Easter and Christmas. So with all this experience, we knew we needed to talk to Casey about the importance of photography. Let’s dive into Casey’s love of photography and his best practices.



Photography is the best way to capture precious, priceless moments while simultaneously expressing the unique perspective of life from each photographer’s lens (we like puns – we're not sorry). The saying “A picture is worth 1000 words” is true, but it is not always quiet. Depending on the person viewing the image, sometimes it can scream at us, or whisper to us. Most often the screams come from the person being photographed, telling us to take the picture again (I get that one a lot! 😊)!

Photography lets us turn ordinary into extraordinary! It's is romantic; images give us feelings of love, joy, sadness, pain, and beauty. All at the same time in some cases.

So why is photography important to me?

"I feel photography is a way for me to express how I view things, and the emotions I am feeling at that time of taking the photograph. All without having to say a word. I let my photos do all the talking."

- Casey Littlefield


  • Learn the basics of photography and then break every rule you have learned.
  • Stop worrying about having the best equipment; practice with the equipment you have.
  • Make mistakes! You learn from mistakes. 
  • Practice exposing your images for shadows, rather than for light. Learning the difference between exposing for light or shadows will tremendously improve your photography, and your images will thank you for it! 
  • Composition is key for telling a story in photography, so practice your composition and remember to always have these three things in mind when you want to show depth in your photos: 1. Foreground 2. Middle 3. Background
  • Learn your camera lens! Different focal lengths compress the images in different ways. Find out what you like best by trying different focal lengths and apertures on the same subject.

Samples of Casey’s work!


Pamela Baraconi, Regional Manager of West Coast Field Operations, has worked for Cherry Hill Programs for 16 years! Pamela started with Cherry Hill Programs as a Location Manager in San Diego in 2004. Since then, she worked her way up to District Manager, where she managed districts in the west region for 10 years, and most recently, she was promoted to Regional Manager, where she oversees many holiday locations along the west coast. Pamela is an asset to the CHP team, as her extensive knowledge of the region is crucial to their success. In Pamela’s words, “I have always loved this job!!”



My interest and passion for photography began when I was 13! I love being a photographer because I can give the gift of memories that last a lifetime. I enjoy being able to creatively capture the story and emotion of that moment in time. Photography has such a power that it makes me feel happy, excited, proud, and honored. Not only has photography expanded my view of the world, but I also feel at one with nature.


  • Make use of leading lines. 
  • Pay attention to depth of field. 
  • Most importantly: have fun! 

Samples of Pamela’s work!


Mike Barber, Regional Manager Northeast Region, has worked for Cherry Hill Programs for one year. In his current role, Mike helps train our field staff to capture the magic at every CHP experience. Prior to starting with Cherry Hill Programs, Mike worked for Carnival Cruise Lines for twenty-five years, where he worked in, and managed the photo department. Mike’s unique background gives us new insight and a fresh perspective on the art of photography!



I have been a photographer all my working life. I love the pleasure that great photographs bring to customers. Creating something memorable and special from absolutely nothing for the customer is part of the craft of photography. 

Photography is important as it’s a way of communicating. Good photographers are excellent at telling a story which resonates and sticks in the mind of the viewer.


  • Facial expressions are critical when photographing people - try and get prepared beforehand with exposure and composition so that you can just focus on getting great natural smiles when taking the photograph. 
  • If photographing people, use the zoom lens on your camera at its most flattering - which is when its “zoomed in” the most. This minimizes distortion which is critical in creating photographs that make subjects look their best. 
  • The most flattering camera angle for faces is created when the camera is higher than the face being photographed. A step ladder can be a great tool for portraiture to create high dramatic angles for head and shoulder portraits. 
  • Most photographers include too much in the composition - if it is not helping to “tell the story”, then crop it out. 
  • Look for horizon lines particularly when by the ocean. They need to be perfectly horizontal for a photograph to look correct.

Samples of Mike's Work!

Big thanks to Casey, Pamela, and Mike for providing their amazing photography and camera tips and tricks to celebrate National Camera Day this summer. If you want to learn or expand upon your photography knowledge, we got you covered! Check out our Pinterest board for useful advice, examples and more. 

Photography is SO important. We believe in bringing the magic to every experience by capturing moments that last a lifetime, for all our guests! 

Do you share a love and passion for photography? Do you have what it takes to bring the magic to customers, partners, and coworkers throughout the year? We want to hear from you! Check out our job board here. We are always hiring for talented, hardworking individuals to join our team and help us capture moments that last a lifetime! Build Your Career. Bring the Magic! 

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