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Explore Santa Magic 2021 with Friends

November 08, 2021

The Holiday Blog has some exciting news for you: the official countdown to Christmas has already begun! It's the most wonderful time of the year, but it is no secret that it can also get a bit hectic thinking about what you can do to make this years' experience the best one so far for your family and friends. Searching for the best decoration; browsing through thousands of festive recipes to find the perfect ones for your holiday party; thinking about the right gift for your kids and trying to read their signals on precisely what it is that they want are all factors that can cause stress levels to increase in even the best planners out there. But hey, don't panic! With a little bit of friendly guidance, you will manage to do just fine. So, what's the best recipe for an unforgettable holiday experience, you might ask? The Holiday Blog is here to help you find out.


Take a second and sit back. Relax and clear your mind. Do you vividly remember all the beautiful holiday celebrations in your life up until now? Don't pressure yourself- it's normal if you don't. Now let's try a different approach. Grab your family photo album, open it and allow yourself to go on a trip down memory lane. Don't you find it easy remembering even the tiniest of details when you go over all your holiday pictures with friends and family? The taste of your grandma's mashed potatoes, the ringing laugh of your siblings, and even the adorable wet stare that your childhood pet used to give you while you munched on all the delicious homemade treats. Even if your memories are not fitting these particular examples, it is sure that you found in these pictures some beautiful emotion that warmed your heart. That is the power a single photo contains and makes it possible for you to relive the magic of every beautiful moment you had with your loved ones, over and over again. Exactly how amazing is that?  

Santa Magic 2021

Santa Magic offers you a unique opportunity to create not only a beautiful picture to help you capture the magic of the holiday season but also some great ways and options to give this ultimate experience your desired, personal touch. Traditional in-person Santa visits, themed events to bring your holiday memories to life and non-stop, season-long access from home to a modern, virtual photo platform that allows you to personalize your holiday experience are only some of the ways with which Santa Magic makes sure the holiday magic is there for you whenever you want it, and however you want it. And it doesn't end there.  

There are many unique ways to use your Santa Magic photograph as a creative detail that helps you stand out from the crowd this holiday season. Being your little helper, The Holiday Blog has prepared a friendly guide through the Santa Magic experience for you as well as a list of holiday secrets with numerous tips and tricks that you and your friends could use to make sure that this holiday season is the one that everyone will remember. Forever.  

So, let's check them out.  

Holiday Secret #1 | Pre-Book Santa Magic Photo Experience 

Who wants to take their photo with Santa this Christmas? Literally everyone. So why don't you get a head start and tick off the ultimate family tradition from your to-do list this holiday season?  

Why You Should Consider Getting Your Santa Photos Before Thanksgiving  

  1. Now is the best time to book your holiday photo experience so you can save yourself the hustle during the high demand in season and beat the holiday crowds at the same time.  
  2. Get ahead of everyone else and print the cutest holiday postcards to send to family and friends. It is nice to be a trendsetter, don't you think?  
  3. Share your photos on social media platforms and connect with family and friends to encourage the holiday spirit and spread the holiday magic 
  4. Print and frame your favorite pictures to give as gifts to family and friends. Everyone will love them!  

It is fast and easy to book Santa photos and pre-purchase your photo package online.  

Step 1: Go to  

Step 2: Enter your zip code, city, or venue to visit Santa  

Step 3: Select date and time  

Step 4: Choose the package to capture your photo experience.  

The Holiday Blog Highlight: A Moment to Remember 

Capture the magic of the holiday season with the "A Moment to Remember" 

photo package and enjoy one of the many holiday extras it unlocks for you! 

Including The Holiday Traditions Box: the ultimate family traditions celebration kit this holiday season!  

Holiday Secret #2 | Pick Your Favorite Special Event to Visit. Or Pick Two!  

Booking early leaves you time to plan other Santa photo experiences – do it with friends, bring your dog – Santa photos aren't just for the kids! 

Bring your favorite holiday traditions to live with Holiday Magic Live!  

Pick between numerous Santa Magic themed events and give a nice, personal touch to your favorite holiday tradition. The perfect way to ensure a unique and unforgettable holiday experience at a participating location near you for all your family, friends, and even pets this year!  

Themed Events 

Pajama Night 

Take your picture with Santa while wearing your favorite holiday PJs! Gather your family and friends, get some matching sets, and let the fun begin! Coming to select locations near you in the week of National Family PJ Day- 11.14.2021 - 11.19.2021.

Grandparent Magic 

Do you have a special place in your heart for your grandparents? Or perhaps you want to spend some quality holiday time with your grandchildren? Make your Santa Magic photo an entire family affair! Grab your favorite person and celebrate Grandparent Magic in a select location near you in the week of 11.22.2021 - 11.26.2021​.


Give a silly little spin to your Santa Magic photo experience by bringing your favorite fun prop on set. Fun hat? Weird glasses? The opportunities are unending! Coming to select locations near you in the week of 

11.29.2021 - 12.03.2021- don't miss the fun! ​

Dress Like Santa's Elf 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to celebrate Halloween and Christmas at the same time? Well, wonder no more! Have fun while taking your photo with Santa- dress up like one of his elves! He will love it! Coming to select locations near you in the week of 12.06.2021 to 12.10.2021​

Ugly Sweater Magic 

For all the people wishing to capture the holiday magic, wearing their favorite ugly holiday sweater - 12.13.2021 to 12.17.2021 is your time to shine! Find a participating location near you, grab your family and friends and let the Ugly Sweater Magic begin!

Special Events 

Pet Night 

 Holiday heaven for all the pet owners out there. Bring your furry friends and make special holiday memories together. Don't be shy: Santa loves all the animals! Celebrate the Magic of Giving by supporting The Humane Society's great cause at some of the participating locations. Pet Night events are available only in select locations near you in the week of  12.13.2021 to 12.17.2021. Capture the Santa Magic with your furry friend this season- create a moment for life!

Sensory-Friendly Events 

 These events will allow all the fantastic people out there, sensitive to crowded and busy environments, to be able to capture the Santa Magic at convenient, early opening hours. And because giving is better than receiving, Sensory-Friendly Events guests will be able to support Autism Speaks at many of the participating locations. Coming to select locations near you in the week of 12.5.2021 to 12.12.2021. Dare to spread the holiday magic! ​ 

Holiday Secret #3 | Use Modern Approach to Create a Classic Tradition  

Create Holiday Magic brings your favorite holiday tradition to you - anywhere, anytime!  

MyPhoto Santa Magic

Create your own holiday magic! Upload your favorite personal images and turn them into the most beautiful holiday memories by simply choosing between all of the festive backgrounds. Sit back, relax, and let the magic happen- right before your eyes! It is the perfect way to create holiday memories with your family and friends without having to turn your house into a film studio! Including many holiday backgrounds for all of you proud young parents out there to create the best first Christmas memories with your bundle of joy. MyPhoto Santa Magic has something for everyone in your family! 

MyPhoto Pet

Since pets are always on the good list, why dont you gift them with the perfect holiday exoerience? Upload one of theri many cute images to MyPhoto Pet and create the most amazing holiday photographs! There is a little something for all of the pet moms and dads to enjoy!

All About The Package Deal!  

The Jingle Bells Bundle 

The best deal overall. Use all of the MyPhoto portals conveniently while enjoying unlimited uploads and downloads during the whole holiday season. Includes Story Time: The classic tale Twas the night before Christmas read to your children as a bedtime story by Santa himself!  

The Holiday Traditions Bundle 

And if your family values traditions over everything else, your best bet is The Holiday Traditions Bundle! With it, not only will you get to create unlimited wonders using the MyPhoto portal and have Santa read your kids a bedtime story, but your whole family will also get the chance to have a personal, Live Video Call with him! How exciting is that!  

Holiday Secret #4 | Explore New Worlds  

Santa Combines Worlds With The Grinch ™ ©Dr. Seuss  

The most exciting pop-up event of the season – Holiday Magic Village is here, and it brings all of your favorite holiday characters in one place! Explore the holiday magic at one of seven exclusive pop-up events. Coming to select VIP locations on November 18th! Don't let the magic slip away- book the ultimate holiday experience for your friends and family today!


Holiday Secret | #5 Get Creative With Party Planning

How many parties have you planned at this point in your life? How many more will you continue to plan? Do they all look and feel the same? The Holiday Blog has some ideas to help you spruce up your home and have fun with the planning. Sounds too good to be true? But it's not! 

Prepare Personalized Table Cards. 

The holiday season is all about family gatherings and love-filled dinners. The best way to 'wow' your dinner guests is with personalized decorations that customize the experience. Everyone loves to feel special, and with My Photo in your back pocket, you will surprise guests of all ages with unique, fun table cards made especially for each of your favorite people. So, before you get everyone around your table this Christmas, use this simple table decorating tip to empower your creativity and spread the love for your family and friends.  

Get Creative With The Foods And Beverages You Serve. 

  1. Explore different cuisines and surprise your guest with delicious, homemade wonders. Check out this article for some yummy ideas.  

Keep it festive with holiday-inspired desserts. How? These recipes have you covered.  

  1. Want to make some tasty holiday party snacks? Find some creative inspiration here. 

Music is the best way to set the tone for any holiday party you plan to host. Be a trendsetter. Find out more on Spotify. 

The Holiday Blog hopes you learned a lot of secrets to share with your friends and family during your journey through Santa Magic. It is important to remember that every second of the holiday season should be a moment to remember- appreciated, enjoyed, and celebrated with loved ones. When the magic is all around and families gather together to celebrate, everyone puts all the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind themselves to be happy together. And that is all that matters. Because the greatest holiday advice can be summed up in 3 short sentences.  

Create The Moment. Capture The Magic. Celebrate Forever!  

Do you have any holiday secrets you want to share? Leave them in the comments down below or on Facebook and Instagram. Want to see some more Santa Magic? Check out this Pinterest. 

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The Holiday Blog wishes you and your family a calm and warm welcoming of the holiday season!


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