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Easter Wonderland at Bunny’s Sweet Treat Garden

March 27, 2021

Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and bunnies are hopping about – and you know what that means, right? Springtime is finally here – and bringing all the best season festivities along with it! Everyone’s favorite Easter tradition is back and better than ever! Wendell the Bunny is getting ready to help you welcome the new season at the Sweet Treat Garden inside Deptford Mall’s Center Court.

Deptford Mall Easter Wonderland - Sweet Treat Garden in Deptford, New Jersey

This Easter wonderland is no stranger to color and extreme detail. Each day during the photoset installation development, the amazing photo backdrop receives more fantastic touches. And we're super energized by the bright, seasonal color palette that sparks joy powerful enough to reignite childlike wonder in everyone – the spirit of holiday magic.

We’re sure that the attention to detail will cure those winter blues and convince you to come join in on the springtime festivities! This Easter Wonderland is available for you and your family to enjoy every day until Easter Sunday – the set closes at the end of the day on Saturday, April 3rd, 2021. But before you head on over to see what this beautiful Sweet Treat Garden is all about – check out how the magic happens behind the scenes in just three short days.

Day One - Set the StagE.

Surrounded by idyllic white fencing, Wendell the Bunny’s garden will have you feeling personally invited to your own Easter fantasy. People of all ages (that’s right – children and adults alike!) will be drooling at the larger-than-life pillars of Peeps, lollipop flower bouquets, and marshmallow bunnies bigger than imagined! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Wendell the Bunny! This amazing photoset features Bunny’s favorite, healthy snacks too! You can’t have an Easter Bunny without carrots! The set includes six feet of social distance between the Bunny and you, the Guest with Wendell seated in the chair behind the bench setup for you and your family to take unique poses to really make your Bunny photos stand out this year! 

Visiting the Easter Bunny will surely be a delight this year with a unique springtime set that everyone in the family will want to see! If the vibrant and seasonal colors don’t catch your eye, we guarantee the life-sized Easter candies will bring a smile to your face! As you walk closer to the Sweet Treat Garden, you’ll feel like you’re about to step into an enchanted garden made from all your favorite Easter candies and treats!

Deptford Mall Easter Bunny Photo Set

Day Two - The Beauty is in the Details.

A closer look at the thoughtfully crafted Easter set, and spring vibes will start resonating! Traditional garden buckets house beautiful arrangements of authentic-looking flowers next to the larger-than-life candies. Wisteria flowers cascade down the sides, offering cool tones that radiantly change gradients from pale lilac to vivid violet. Tall sprigs of purple pom-pom Alliums seem to jump out at you like Lorax trees, offering a cute yet refined look. From tiny blue hyacinths to rainbow colored amaranths, the attention to detail will complete the overall look of your Easter photos – but best of all, these accents make you feel like you’re walking in an Easter Wonderland – an absolute moment to remember!Add paragraph text here.

Lollipop Bouquets and Gradient Floral Details at Easter Bunny Photo Set in Deptford, New Jersey.

Deptford Mall was just so excited to welcome Wendell the Bunny back to New Jersey, they couldn’t stop there! They truly went ALL out to show how missed Bunny was last Easter. Wendell’s Sweet Treat Garden received bright and bubbly upgrades that give instant energy (and who doesn’t need a little more of that these day, amiright?)! Just at these precious springtime picnic children’s chairs on each side of Wendell the Bunny’s decadent throne – how CUTE are these photos going to be with the only thing missing – you and your sweet kiddos!

Children's Chairs at Deptford Mall Bunny Photo Set

Day Three - Balloon Heaven.

We were so excited to bear witness to this incredible balloon installation the day before Deptford Mall opened its photo set to kick off the season. Before the install began, balloons hovered along the ceiling with their tails trailing down like extra-long lollipop sticks. When the balloons began to take shape behind Wendell the Bunny’s throne, there was Bunny magic in the air!

Deptford Mall Bunny Photo Set Balloon Installation

The talented balloon designer recreated everyone’s favorite treat to enjoy during the warmer months—fresh ice cream! Creatively crafted from balloons, you’ll still wish you were tall enough to take these beautifully sculpted treats home for yourself.

Deptford Mall Bunny Photo Set Balloon Installation - Ice Cream Cones

And if that’s not enough – beautiful iridescent butterflies trail overhead perfectly arched above Wendell’s simply awesome Sweet Treat Paradise! Your whole family will be eager to get their photo taken next to each balloon feature of this perfectly-designed Easter wonderland that truly evokes the refreshingly optimistic feeling that spring provides.

This last feature is truly the icing on the cake of this unique Sweet Treat Garden Easter Wonderland! And we’re so excited that we got to catch it all on video: watch the balloon installation now.

You better have your springtime outfits ready to roll for you, your kids, your friends, everyone – and you’ll probably need more than one because this adorable Easter dreamland will have you coming back for more than just one photoshoot! Book you reservation to visit Wendell and the amazing photoset or walk-up while doing your shopping.

No matter how you get there – just get there, because this is a moment you won’t want to miss! And don’t forget – Easter comes early this year on Sunday, April 4th, so your last chance to visit Bunny for the 2021 spring season is Saturday, April 3rd – hurry and hop on over to book your photo experience today!

Thank you to Deptford Mall and Lori Belsito, Senior Marketing Manager, for allowing us to partake in this wonderful behind-the-scenes experience.

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