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9 holidays in may to celebrate easily!

May 03, 2021

When you hear ‘holiday season’, you probably think of the glitz, glam, and good tidings that come along with the last couple months of the year. But what about all the holidays that come before the most wonderful time of the year? Don’t sell yourself short – you and your loved ones can have that warm fuzzy feeling by celebrating the magic of each special holiday all throughout the year! From New Year’s Day to New Year's Eve, holiday magic can be celebrated every day! Now, we know what you're thinking: that sounds expensive and time consuming. It's time to leave that mentality at the door! When you read through our blogs, you will find the inspiration (through quick step-by-step guides) to make sure you don't have to get back in the spirit! You'll stay in the spirit throughout the year with a little help from your new friends! Us!

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Holidays are defined as: “A day of festivity or recreation when NO WORK is done.” That means any day can be a holiday! A simple internet search will help you discover HUNDREDS of national and international holidays, filling almost every day of the year with something to celebrate. Holidays bring people together for every occasion imaginable. They serve as a reminder that the most important aspect of life is to take advantage of being alive by sharing your life with the ones you love, doing things that make you happy, and celebrating with happiness and cheer along the way. From celebrating our veterans and military to being thankful for ice cream and the man who invented it – there really is a holiday for everything! It’s self-care: celebrate each day and fill your life with as many positive memories possible! Whether you’re carving pumpkins around Halloween, sitting down to a hearty meal at Thanksgiving, or giving back during the winter season, holiday traditions create positive associations and feelings with each special season of the year. We challenge you to keep that positivity train rolling all year long by acknowledging all the other holidays in between too!

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**ahem* Holidays are defined as: “A day of festivity or recreation when NO WORK is done” (do we really need to say more?)

But in all seriousness, holidays are more than just a day created for companies to make money. Holidays provide structure to the timeline of life, reminding us to stop and take a moment to appreciate what we have instead of chasing what we don't. Although holidays can be a wonderful time for everyone, but we recognize they can also cause a lot of stress too. Buying gifts, finding a costume or making the perfect meal for your family can be challenging and sometimes daunting… but it’s always rewarding! It’s important to remember that holidays create lasting memories that stay with us forever… no matter how big or small, holidays impact us – who we are, what we enjoy, and who we enjoy doing it with.

During our celebrations, we tend to remember the peak of our experience as well as the last moments of them. You’re likely to remember the best parts of each memorable holiday: sitting down to dinner, making and craft or laughing with your family over a memorable meal! Walking away with these positive associations are why we get so excited to do the same thing year after year. Holidays have the power to influence our outlook on life. The strength of holidays resides in the rituals that mark them and the traditions that instantly spark nostalgic memories of holidays past – that’s holiday magic. Those impressions are made from partaking in these traditions have the power to decrease depression, buffer anxiety, and boost overall well-being according to psychologists – and that’s the real magic!

While some popular holidays are based in religion, there are no limits on who can enjoy the traditions and magic of every holiday! No matter your background, it’s fun to learn about traditions and cultures – and to honor them too! Who knows – you may find a new recipe, craft, song, decoration, or other ritual that becomes part of your own holiday magic!

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With Create Holiday Magic, of course! Follow us on social media, stay connected with our blog events, and join our newsletter list. We will show how to easily incorporate all types of holidays into your day-to-day – and you’ll, too, be able to create holiday magic all year long! Be sure to leave a comment of what holiday YOU would like to see included in the mix. With our easy to tackle lists, simple how-to guides, and holiday magic hacks, you'll be enjoying holiday magic and creating new traditions every month of the year – and that’s the perfect way to get that warm fuzzy feeling to stay!


Just like breakfast, lunch and dinner, holidays happen every day. Sometimes, they just slip by unnoticed! It's up to us as a community to create holiday magic for every moment – no matter how big or small. And it’s easy to celebrate – in person or online! You don’t have to hang lights and send out personalized invitations for every holiday (unless you want to of course). We believe holidays exist simply to acknowledge an invention, creation, or discovery! And that kind of holiday magic requires little to no effort to celebrate! So whether you decide to celebrate National Hot Dog Day by posting a random fact about hot dogs or by purchasing hot dogs from a local farm, you’re participating in the holiday magic that the simplicity of hot dogs manifests! And we know that honoring as many holidays as possible creates a domino effect of positive actions. Let’s keep the good vibes flowing all year long!


a collage of people that would be celebrating holidays during may - nurses, mothers, ems workers, military

The month of May contains many days to honor people, cultures and other favorites! From celebrating the everyday heroes in our lives and remembering the brave who lost their lives in defending our country to pampering the mothers who make magical memories for their biological and honorary children, the month of May signifies a time to reflect and celebrate the dedication of those around us.

Here is a shortlist of holidays to look out for in May:

  • Nurses’ Day | 05.06.21
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day | 05.07.21
  • Mothers’ Day | 05.09.21
  • Eid Al-Fitr | 05.13.21
  • Armed Forces Day | 05.15.21
  • EMS Appreciation Week | 05.16-21.21
  • Senior Health + Fitness Day | 05.26.21
  • Memorial Day | 05.31.21

This May, there’s a lot to honor and celebrate. These holidays exist to acknowledge the people who use their time and energy to benefit the lives of others on a daily basis, often forfeiting time for themselves in the process. We can find time to give them one day of acknowledgement in return! The best part about taking part in these holidays is that it doesn’t take much to make these magical heroes feel appreciated. And we’re here to help with a few tips, tricks, and tutorials – adding new ways to celebrate May holidays will be easier than you can imagine.

Holidays have the power to make us all believe in magic because we get the chance to make a little magic ourselves when we take the time to celebrate. Don't just bring the holiday magic to your home, keep it there all year! Joining in on holiday festivities brightens the atmosphere of your life, helping to keep anxiety at bay while giving your whole family something to look forward to. Holidays serve as a reminder of all those in life we often forget to thank or acknowledge. So, remember to take the time to celebrate, reflect, and simply enjoy as many holidays as possible as a way to feed your soul, stay connected to your community, and lend some positivity to those around you!

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