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9 Fun Family Easter Traditions for Spring 2022

March 08, 2022

No matter how you plan to ring in the spring season and Easter holiday this year, you don’t want to miss out on fun ways to celebrate your favorite holiday traditions with family and friends. In the coming weeks leading to the first day of spring, it’s time to plan all the activities that the season brings. There’s nothing better than the fresh flowers that remind us that now is the time to celebrate as we prepare for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. With longer days and warmer temperatures approaching, there is no better time to get inspired by prepping up fun, new ways to unveil holiday traditions and spring pastimes that connect you to the changing seasons transformation. 


If you plan to ring in the new season and celebrate Easter with your family at home, you may be thinking: no events to host = no guests to impress, so there’s no reason to decorate or get carried away with spring and Easter rituals. But you’re wrong. 


Fewer house guests translates to less planning, prepping, shopping – and just like that – you’ve got a lot more time! And that extra time is the golden ticket to taking a crack at all those Pinterest boards you created and Pins you’ve collected. Click here to see the PINspiration we’ve appreciated! 


Maybe your Pinterest boards are already full with Easter and spring-inspired activities and ideas - which only means: you’re ready to welcome the changing seasons! 


Regardless of what you did last year or the year before that, the time is now – and we know you want to celebrate the warmer season with all the Easter classics! We promise – it won’t take much to bring a refreshing Spring vibe to your home and spark all the joy that we know and love about Easter! 


That’s right – now is the time to start planning your spring activities and decide which Easter traditions are the most important for you and your family, pets and friends. Explore the magic this Spring with these 9 fun family-friendly Easter activities! 

1. Visit the Easter Bunny 

What’s the #1 most famously known Easter tradition? You got it – visiting the Easter Bunny! Stories of the Easter Bunny go back to the 1600s when it was said that Bunny visited the homes of the good children the day before Easter to pass out gifts from the Easter basket. Nowadays, we get to see the Easter Bunny before Bunny brings the MAGIC! 


It’s a tale as old as time. Dressing up the kiddos in matching pastels for annual Bunny photos never fails to capture the holiday spirit. Visiting Bunny is sure to create magical memories with top-notch professional prints and digital photos – the perfect way to show off your kids and their coordinating Easter attire to your coworkers and friends. 


Find Bunny at and reserve your Bunny Magic Photo experience for the most legendary Easter tradition of all – a for sure Moment to Remember! Don’t delay – book your reservation today! 

Easter Bunny mall set photoshoot with a boy and girl

2. Play with Spring Backgrounds with My Photo  

Maybe you already saw Bunny in person? Or, sadly, can’t find a Bunny location near you? No need to fear – the virtual Easter photography solution is right here! With the digital holiday photo experience known as My Photo, the Easter Bunny comes to you, bringing all the Bunny Magic to your home easily and instantly! Try My Photo FREE Now! 


My Photo is the way to celebrate Easter with distant relatives or honor the memory of loved ones no longer with us. It’s simple to build custom holiday photography that can be used as greeting card imagery or shared with friends on social media. You can even download all the personalized holiday photography you create with My Photo themes to print and display – now we’re talking about spring-themed Easter FUN, holiday memories AND Easter home décor. 


It’s SUPER easy!! Just upload any personal pictures from your device and watch the magic appear! In the blink of an eye, your family, children, nieces and nephews, cousins, friends, pets, coworkers, even students (past or present) – instantly emerge in professional holiday photography – perfect for the holiday season. Even old media day pictures will work as you cut and paste your pose next to Bunny! Check out the snippet below from the Lawrence Technological University Men’s Volleyball Team!  


part of a volleyball team sitting on a bench right next to the Easter Bunny


You and your favorite people can pose with Bunny, or sit in Easter baskets, or find yourself surrounded by beautiful flowers in a perfect field – and more! My Photo is the best way to capture the holiday spirit from anywhere, any time! Create Bunny Photo Magic with My Photo Today! 

3. Egg Decorating

Decorating Easter eggs is a funtastic tradition for everyone – no matter your artistic skill! Don’t worry – you can keep things simple! Beginners can start with a more traditional approach to dyeing the egg. Simply dissolve assorted dye tabs (sold at most grocery and dollar stores) in a mug of hot water and vinegar, drop in the eggs to soak, and boom! Beautifully colored Easter eggs in only 5 minutes! Talk about instant energy! 


Feel like kicking it up a notch? Try stamping those eggs! Creating repeating patterns across the eggs’ surface will show off your Picasso-like talent and wow everyone with your artistic skills. So, whether you make your own custom stamps or buy them at the store, stamping is a fun way to add intricate patterns to the egg design. 


Think you’re ready to call yourself a pro? For advanced egg decorators, give egg painting a whirl! Paint eggs with a thin, detail brush and dense watercolor! Watercolor dries quicker than acrylic, so you’ll be able to decorate a lot more eggs in less time. Plus, you can add multiple layers without waiting up all night for the first coat to dry. 

Easter Bunny and a child painting eggs

If you don’t want to deal with the mess of decorating eggs, no worries – with My Photo’s Easter egg decorating photo theme, you can place yourself right inside the easter design magic virtually! 


Available now! Get started creating photo magic.  

4. Easter Candy

Everyone has a favorite candy this time of year – and that favorite candy probably goes all the way back to when you were a kid. Trust us, we know Easter candy is truly unmatched – we’ve got an entire Pinterest board just for Easter candy! Click here to see it. 


Peeps have suddenly been popping out at you since the end of January and you can’t help but throw them into the cart. M&Ms pastel colors have you admiring them adoringly before you eat each one by one. You’re currently stocking up on the best Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups because the Easter inspired shape definitely produces a better-tasting chocolate and peanut butter treat. Lollipops look like bunnies, you’re dreaming of Cadbury Crème Eggs, and most Easter candies come in adorable tiny sizes that manifest in eating an entire bag by yourself… okay, maybe we’re doing all that. 


Luckily, delicious Easter treats come in family-size bags to treat all your guests. If you’re unable to host a gathering this season, it gives you the opportunity to try something new – like making your own Easter candies! Before bouncing off the walls from your sugar overload, make it easy on yourself, and start out with making small batches or following simple recipes. “Hobos” are a super easy, and fantastic Easter dessert the whole family will enjoy making.  In fact, there are only 3 ingredients... AND 3 STEPS!!  


The ingredient list is simple:

  • Jumbo Marshmallows
  • Melting Chocolate
  • Graham Crackers

Step 1. Melt the chocolate to a smooth consistency  

Step 2. Take a Jumbo Marshmallow and roll it in the melted Chocolate 

Step 3. Crush Graham Crackers to a crumble and roll the chocolate covered marshmallows in a Graham Cracker Coat  

And just like that – a super simple treat that’ll clear raving review for years to remember! 


What’s cooler than making your own treats at home? Creating lasting memories with LIFE SIZED A CANDY BUNNY!! Create a holiday photo with your favorite loved ones surrounded by oversized chocolate and other Easter candy treats. Try it out! 

virtual background of a family next to a giant chocolate easter bunny

And for those with eyes on the upcoming beach season, save the candy for the Christmas – savor Easter MAGIC with My Photo instead! 

On second thought – splurge! You’re worth it! Eat the candy and play with My Photo too! 


5. Capture the New Season with Holiday Magic LIVE

Calling all Mothers and Grandmothers, Fathers and Grandfathers alike! We encourage all the ‘Rents and Grand-‘Rents out there to treat their loved ones to a date night at a local mall for an unforgettable Bunny Magic experience! Spring is in the air and magical things are happening! Top off the Bunny experience with a nice warm cookie from your local cookie stand and watch as memories make themselves!  


Bunny has created a plethora of themes to bring in the Easter Season in style! This Easter Season, Bunny will be hosting various themed nights including, College Night, Dads + Daughters Night, Moms + Sons night, and Bunny BFF Magic! Whether it be Bunny hosting a photo session with your favorite sorority sisters or celebrating a MAGICAL and colorful night styled in Tie-Dye couture! These events will be occurring in the month of March and more information can be found Here. 

a mother lifting her child in the air

6. Egg Hunt

Perhaps the most exciting Easter festivity – the egg hunt! Whether you’re planning an Easter egg hunt, participating as an egg hunter, or simply spectating the event, it’s an exciting Easter staple everyone looks forward to! 

Create a safe and healthy egg hunt easily in 5 easy steps: 

  1. Determine a time limit for each hunter’s search  
  2. Hide the eggs in a defined area 
  3. Blindfold and line up the egg hunters participating 
  4. Release the hunters one by one to search the area (remove blindfold while hunting the eggs)
  5. Once the time is up, the hunter must stop and clear the area before the next hunter removes their blindfold and begins their hunt 
children playing in a field with easter eggs, with Easter Bunny in the background
Forgot to take photos during the real thing?? No fret, friends – place yourself in an egg hunt scene with My Photo. All the excitement – none of the hassle! A Perfect way to egg hunt with the young and the young-at-heart. 

7. Pets Love Spring Too

The Easter Bunny is hip, hoppy, and gets that not all parents have typical human children. Some parents have kids with gorgeous fur, illustrious coats, 9 lives, and an attitude like none other. Pet parents and human parents alike revel in the opportunity to take countless pics of their cutest little subjects. Pet Parents – Bunny hears you and sees you... and offers you the opportunity of a lifetime! Your pet's picture with the Easter Bunny! Locations participating in Pet Night with Bunny can be found at and scheduling is a breeze! 


Patrons visiting the Easter Bunny will also have the opportunity to donate to the Humane Society of the United States! Your donations can affect the lives of millions -their mission of ending the cruelest practices toward all animals, caring for animals in crisis, and building a stronger animal protection movement can become more of a reality with the generosity of those fortunate enough to give a life well lived to animals in need. 

a dog laying on grass, surrounded by easter eggs

8. Easter Basket Magic

Making Easter baskets is an age-old tradition that can be as simple or elaborate as desired! Easter baskets are beloved by all – regardless of age, and make perfect gifts for teachers, coworkers, church friends, and of course – the children! Supplies are generally inexpensive, allowing you to bring all the sparkle into your home in preparation for the holiday. 


It’s really this simple: 

  1. Select a basket 
  2. Decorate the basket  
  3. Line the basket with colorful ‘nesting’ material 
  4. Fill the basket with Easter goodies 

Get creative with the basket design and decoration. Decorate the outside with dried flowers, faux flowers, ribbons, balloons, beads, rhinestones, buttons, Bunny photos from previous years, pipe cleaners – anything! Line the basket with creative materials lying around the house. Consider using beaded necklaces, ribbon, dyed cotton stuffing (dye cotton with food coloring and water), shredded construction paper, confetti, or even cotton candy! Check out the Pins we’ve collected – click here. 


All you need is a hot glue gun and colorful items around the house, and each Easter basket will be special and simply awesome! 

vritual background photo of a dog inside an easter egg
Be unique and personalize your gift basket with a custom photo from My Photo!  Create fun pictures of each child or pet (or whoever is the lucky one to receive your awesome Easter basket gift) and attach it to the basket – instantly personalizing the design. It’s like a name tag... except way cooler and much brighter! Now, the Easter Bunny will know where each basket goes on Easter Sunday!  

9. Giving Has No Season

Spring is in the air, and the change in season reminds us of the magic of generosity. Whether your generous efforts are projected far and wide, or a little closer to home, communal responses in times of crisis are always appreciated and needed for change. Giving back to those in need is an amazing family activity to connect your home to the community and share the magic with all! Some activities include curating a neighborhood canned food drive for local shelters, delivering goods/snacks to local fire departments, highway clean-up programs, reading to local preschoolers, or giving back to charities with noble causes. And if you’d rather support from the comfort of your own home, some of our favorite charities to donate our time and money to are Autism Speaks, The Human Society of the United States, and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. They do this through advocacy and support; increasing understanding and acceptance of people with autism; and advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.


Founded in 1954, The Humane Society of the United States fights the big fights to end suffering for all animals. Together with millions of supporters, they take on puppy mills, factory farms, trophy hunts, animal testing and other cruel industries. With their affiliates, they rescue and care for tens of thousands of animals every year. They fight all forms of animal cruelty to achieve the vision behind their name: A humane society. 


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, founded in 1962, is a leading pediatric treatment and research facility focused on children's catastrophic diseases, treating the toughest childhood cancers and pediatric diseases. The hospital costs about US$2.8 million a day to run, but patients are not charged for their care. 


No matter how you celebrate this year – spread the magic of the holiday season. Spend time with the people you love even if it’s through a computer screen. The memories will last a lifetime, and no matter how you connect, the magic in the air promises to make it perfect – from beginning to end!

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