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7 Tips for a Safe Halloween with Your Pets this Holiday

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“Money can buy a house, but not a home; a bed, but not rest; food, but not an appetite; medicine, but not health; information, but not wisdom; thrills, but not joy; associates, but not friends; servants, but not loyalty; flattery, but not respect.” 

- Pat Williams, American baseball player

Starting on a wise note, shall we? In today's crazy world, this beautiful quote contains the only truth you need to remember and learn from: money cannot buy happiness. Even though money makes misery easier to live with (science fact!), it should not be anyone's sole measure of joy and accomplishment in life. Just stop for a second, clear your mind, and concentrate: what is the most treasured and happiest memory you possess? You found it? Good. Chances are that even if it is bound to a material good, let's say buying your first car, what makes it indeed your happiest one is not the purchase itself. It is the way it happened. Maybe you worked hard to save for it, or perhaps your family decided to surprise you for your birthday- those are all ways in which your memory is given an extraordinary worth through some kind of emotion, not a price number. You made it all by yourself. You are loved and appreciated by those around you. The essential things to note is that the best things in life are not things. They are not associated with price tags or beautiful and luxurious packaging, and in most cases, cannot even be bought. The most beautiful things in life make us smile again and again, and it is no wonder that pets fall into this category - they are simply unsurpassed in lifting the corners of your lips upwards. Every. Single. Day. 

Let's Face It: Pets Are Awesome 

There are surprisingly many things people can learn from their furry friends about loving and understanding. Pets, unlike humans, do not seek vengeance when wronged or abandoned. They simply do not hang on to painful memories and, when given a chance, are ready to love the same way as before. Pets do not feel sorry for themselves or blame others for the misfortunes in their lives. Instead, they extract the positive from every situation. When they are playing with you or by themselves, their emotions are so pure that it is no surprise that they can lift your spirits in a matter of seconds. And most importantly- your pet never imposes conditions on their affection for you. They love you precisely as you are. If pets could choose, they would undoubtedly rank their owner second in terms of the most precious things in life (after their favourite treats, of course). 

According to the National Pet Survey, around 70% of U.S. households have domesticated animals in their home. This number has been steadily rising in the past decades, which only proves how many people appreciate the love and affection a furry companion brings to their family and life. But owning a pet comes with its challenges and responsibilities, especially so during the holidays. Animals have a far greater hearing capability than humans. Because of that, a sudden loud noise, or a big crowd, which are typical components of a festive celebration, could be very harmful to them. This is only a small example of many other potential risks each holiday brings for every pet owner. To assure the well-being and safety of your four-legged friend this Halloween, The Holiday Blog has put a list of 7 tips you could follow to guarantee a lovely celebration of the spooky night for everyone in your family. 

Tips for a Safe Halloween with Your Pets

1. Do not keep lit pumpkins around pets. 

Having a jack-o-lantern everywhere around your house might seem like a lovely decoration decision, but if you own a pet, it could quickly turn into the worst one you have ever made. It does not matter if you own a gracious Great Dane or a playful little Siamese cat, you should never ever let candles or lanterns around an animal without it being supervised. And even if you watch them, it will take approximately 2 seconds, a blink of an eye, for your FURRY friend to set itself on fire. And if this is not bad enough, a knocked-down lantern could, in a matter of minutes, put your whole house on fire. So, save yourself these possible horror movie scenarios and keep lit pumpkins and candles away from your pets.

2. Trick-or-treat candies are not for pets.

Everybody loves Halloween treats. They are tasty, melt in your mouth, and generally make your life better by increasing your endorphin (the hormone of happiness) with their high sugar content. Candies are so delicious that you might wonder for a second about giving one to your pet as a little holiday treat. Excessive amounts of sugar might be unhealthy for you, but even minor quantities could have a long-term negative impact on an animal's health. Chocolate is especially toxic to dogs because it contains theobromine, an alkaloid, which pups cannot metabolize efficiently. If your dog consumes chocolate, you should keep a close eye on them and seek veterinary assistance if they display any symptoms of pain or discomfort. Candy wrapping can also be a potential threat to your pet's well-being. It smells good, makes funny noises, and could block the animals' airways if consumed. To prevent an emergency trip to the vet, dispose of the wrapping immediately after eating the candy. If you have kids at home, this could serve as a perfect example of why it is important to keep your home tidy and clean.  

3. Don't leave pets out in the yard on Halloween 

If you live in a house, there is nothing wrong with allowing your fur baby to roam free out in the yard. Just not on Halloween. Or any other holiday for that matter. Crowds are confusing and loud for any animal's sensitive ears, which could easily result in a pet fleeing the space of its own home. Unfortunately, many people around the U.S. are losing their four-legged friends during the holidays. To prevent this and have a better chance of having your animal returned to you, The Humane Society advises that you always make sure they wear a collar and an ID tag with your name, address, and telephone number. To further ensure that your pet makes their way home to you should they ever become lost, you should ask your vet or the local animal shelter to microchip them. 

4. On Halloween, keep pets away from the door

If you own a dog, imagine the horror of an innocent kid who decided to dress up as a mailman/woman on Halloween. Animals of all kinds are protective of their territory and cautious of any new people visiting your home. So, it is easy to understand that although fun for you, trick or treating is an incredibly stressful experience for them. A constantly opening door is a danger on its own since it could easily result in them fleeing into the night. To ensure the safety of your fur baby and any fun, snack-seeking creatures that decide to show up on your porch, make sure you provide your pet with a safe space, away from the front door, where they can rest and feel protected.  

5. If you own a dog, make sure to walk it in quiet places. 

Walks should be fun, and if you read carefully until now, it would not be a surprise to you that a dog would not enjoy its favourite time of the day if it is in a crowded place. Not only that, but it will be stressful for them. Try to figure out where the quietest places around your neighbourhood are and bring them there on a special, festive stroll. Your pup will be thankful. 

6. Use pet-friendly decorations around your house.

This should be on the top list of every responsible pet owner. Decorations are an excellent decision to set the mood right during the holidays, but they should not consist of small parts, which could be harmful to pets and small children, who can choke on them. If you need some inspiration for unique and safe Halloween decoration ideas, check out this Pinterest board.  

7. If you decide to buy your animal a costume, consider some things first:

First of all, a pet-friendly Halloween costume should consist of 100% safe parts and materials so you can avoid it getting choked or poisoned if it decides to chew its way out to freedom. The second absolute must is to be confident that your pet feels comfortable and enjoys wearing a costume in the first place. Yes, taco cats are awesome, but if yours does not feel comfortable, do not force it into being one for your own amusement.  

But if your pet enjoys Halloween as much as you do and does not mind putting a little spooky something on, The Holiday Blog has prepared some cute and trendy costume ideas that your fur-baby will love!

A fluffy bat - cute, little creature of the night. Works exceptionally well on black cats and dogs. Or hamsters.

A cuddly bee - sweet as honey, you will not bee surprised to learn that your fur baby will rock this one. 

A furry superhero - friendly reminder- all animals are. 

A taco - dubbed the cutest Halloween pet costume of 2021 by The Holiday Blog  

A walking shark - probably not on the cute list, but number one on the creative one.

View more fun Pet Halloween costumes on Create Holiday Magic`s Pinterest board

You can make sure your pets are safe this holiday by following these helpful tips. Halloween is a time for candy, costumes and tricks but it’s also important to keep in mind that your pets need protection too. There are some simple things you can do now to help ensure your furry companions stay healthy and happy during the season of ghosts and goblins. View even more safety Pet tips here

Share your pet safety tips and pet Halloween costumes in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.  

The Holiday Blog wishes a safe and happy Halloween to you and every member of your family!  

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