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6 Photo Tips to Inspire Your Favorite Easter Tradition

March 31, 2021

We are SO stoked that Bunny is back this season, and we can’t wait to see the look on your faces when your whole family comes to our jaw-dropping sets! But – Easter Sunday comes early this year (on April 4, 2021), so we’re going to share some quick photo pose tips to spark your creativity at your Bunny visit – you can use that extra time to get those kiddos in the car on your way to see Bunny!

1. Flower Power

Bring flowers (real from your garden or grab fake flowers from your local craft store) to brighten your 2021 Easter Bunny photos! Simply hold your beautiful floral arrangement and smile. Get Bunny in on the fun and pretend to offer your bouquet by reaching the flowers out to Bunny. We are sure Bunny will be excited to participate in the floral spring, fun!

Play with floral arrangements in your 2021 Easter photo pose.

2. Social Distance Winner

Social distancing doesn't have to be a let-down! Since you'll be sitting in front of Wendell the Bunny, it's the perfect opportunity to play with the traditional Easter Bunny photo poses.  Play a game of hide-and seek or peekaboo for instant energy in your safe and healthy 2021 Easter photos. Wendell loves to play games! Plus, your photos will come out looking carefree and candid.  What a fun way to remember the 2021 Easter season!


Ready to drop your next mixtape? Party like it's 1999 and wear retro attire! Bring a boombox to recreate your favorite Easter Bunny photos from the 90s!

Bring back the 90s in your 2021 Bunny Magic photos.

4. Simple props. instant magic.

Bring fun glasses or headwear (look at these cute Bunny ears in the photo below!)  to join in on the Easter fun! This is the simplest (yet incredibly entertaining) way to spruce up your traditional Easter Bunny photos this season!  But don't let us tell you what to do - check out some PINspiration for Easter and spring! We created a Pinterest board to motivate your inspiration and energize your pockets! Click here for printable Easter props to create for FREE at home.

Use simple props to play with your Bunny photos this year!

5. animal party!

Bunny loves meeting new people, human or not! Do your kids have stuffed animals or dolls that they won’t go anywhere without? Well, do we have the solution for you! Bring them all to see Wendell the Bunny for a lasting photo of your little one with their besties (and the perfect opportunity to memorialize their stuffed animal friend to remember when they get older)! But who says the fun is just for kids! Adults can bring stuffed animals to see Bunny this year too! Pull out those old stuffed animals from childhood and recreate past family photos with your siblings with your best stuffed fur pals!

Bring stuffed animal friends to play with traditional Easter Bunny photos.

6. southern belle

No matter your age, go all out like a traditional southern bell! This is for all those southern femmes who never get the chance to bring out the giant hats or tell someone the attire is "Sunday Best". It's your moment - and it's time to shine! Dress like you (or your kiddos) are going to cotillion for a truly unique and inspired photo to commemorate your year! Gather your lady-friends for a photoshoot brimming with strong, femme energy. You’ll look delicate like a magnolia, so sport a facial expression that shows you’re as tough as steel to create a photo that would be ANTM-worthy (America's Next Top Model)!

In-person Bunny photos end Saturday, April 3, 2021.


Spring and Easter My Photo Account Access ends 04.30.21.

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