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6 Gift ideas for a magical mother's day

May 07, 2021

Women create life, but mothers make our lives complete. If it weren’t for mothers, the world as we know it simply wouldn’t exist. Whether the mother you’re honoring this year is biologic or honorary, we know she means the world to you. Finding the perfect way to let her know just how much she means to you is an experience for both of you – a time for you to give back to the woman who gave you everything and a time for her to know just how special she really is.

Whether you’re celebrating your wife, a dog mom, a daughter, your own mother, a role model, a grandmother, your aunt – we have the most unique tips for celebrating every special mom on Mother's Day. Forget the hassle of ribbon-fuddling and money guzzling gifts that won’t go used! Keep reading for truly thoughtful ways to make the day easy and meaningful for everyone – but most importantly, create a magical holiday for the woman you love the most.


Mother's Day is way more than just a Sunday to give a card and be on your way. It’s a day to honor the sacrifices made by the women that made us! You may not know this, but Mother's Day was NOT invented by card companies but actually came into existence (just like you) by a woman. Anna Jarvis felt all mothers should be honored after the death of her own mother in 1905. Although Anna lived a full life without being a mother herself, she was engulfed with the innate desire to share her feelings of appreciation for the dedication of motherhood.

The first official Mother's Day was held in 1908 in West Virginia and was funded by a department store owner from Philadelphia. It was celebrated in two locations—Anna’s Church in Grafton and the financier’s department store in Philly! The holiday didn’t catch on easily. At the time, holidays favored the accomplishments of men, so Anna began a letter writing campaign to newspapers and prominent politicians in hopes of convincing them to adopt the holiday honoring motherhood. The holiday became something annually celebrated in many towns across the country, but it wasn’t until President Woodrow Wilson signed off on the national acknowledgement of the day in 1914.

That’s when the holiday magic we’ve come to know truly began – and for over a century, we’ve been able to celebrate all the mama bears we love and adore. It was after the national recognition that flower and card companies began to commercialize the holiday, much to the disapproval of Anna Jarvis. Anna’s initial intent was to set a day aside to reflect on the accomplishments and sacrifices made by mothers to honor them the way they deserve. Surely, she didn’t intend on creating a holiday that inflicts more stress on the women who birthed us when she envisioned Mother's Day!



According to a study of 2,000 well-educated mothers, 4 major stressors were identified in association with celebrating Mother's Day:

· Time demands

· Relationship demands

· Finances

· Protective instincts

The mother you’re looking to honor this Mother's Day is probably coping with all of those stressors and does one kick-butt job of hiding it. Take these top factors into consideration when thinking about ways to make this Mother’s Day the most memorable one yet!


Giving her a candle and a bath set may seem like a thoughtful gift, with the end goal of getting to relax. But, if the mom in your life is feeling pressed for time, that’s just going to get added to her list of things to do after taking care of everyone else. We have all seen a Sweet Pea bath kit collect dust in someone’s linen closet, so please don’t be another statistic. 😊

For a simple alternative, take note of her usual routine, write down her daily chores, frustrations, and worries. Then, use that list as a guide to give the best Mother’s Day present anyone could ask for: a whole day of free time! That may mean doing the laundry, cleaning every room in the house, getting groceries, shuttling the kids to their activities, checking in on family, cooking 3 meals, etc. (Remember, if you feel exhausted by doing these tasks, the mother you’re honoring on this one day does those tasks every day.) No matter how whacky her list is, take on those responsibilities to lift the weight of mom pressures on the loving woman in your life! It’s a free gift for mom, and one she will seriously appreciate.


We all know those moms who seem to do it all and then some, taking time to show generosity and compassion to others no matter how busy life becomes. This Mother’s Day, she’s probably planning ways to make other moms around her feel honored and appreciated because that’s just the kind of mom she is. Well, this Mother’s Day can be her year to feel that too! For this kind of mom, sit back and take note of the ideas she has for others, how does her brain decide to spend her time when it comes to other people? Take note of her thought process as well as physical process, from planning a gift or party to its execution—and do the same thing for her! This is the kind of mom who lives by the golden rule—treating others the way she wants to be treated. Without uttering a word to you, you will seem to read minds with this very thoughtful gift. Let her show you what she wants through her acts of kindness towards others, then all you have to do is reciprocate! Does she hand-write cards? Then get out there and find a card that is blank on the inside and get to writing! We promise you she won’t be judging your handwriting, all that will matter is the thought, time, and effort that goes into a personalized message.


Finances can be a huge burden, especially on someone who finds relief from everyday stressors by going shopping. If the mom in your life is a shopaholic, then it's probably hard to find the right gift because she buys herself anything she wants. She's fiercely independent but you still want to lend a helping hand this weekend, right? Look no further, because a mom this fun is sure to love our idea!

Clean out her car, it's the one place you know she will sit in for those shopping trips, so sprucing it up a little will go a long way! Get those sleeves rolled up and wipe down the interior followed by a quick vacuum pass before washing the exterior. Top it off with an air freshener to encourage relaxation, and you have a seriously thoughtful present! This is a gift you can give for free and will be way more appreciated than a material possession that she wouldn't have chosen herself. If you're looking to go the extra mile, prepare a nice meal for her return or make reservations somewhere quiet (good option if you want to avoid cleaning) -- just make sure she doesn't have plans after her shopping excursion! Create the perfect conclusion to her day by asking questions about why she chose to buy certain items, where she went, and what her favorite parts of the trip were. Often times, the question ‘How was your day?’ receives a one-word answer. By asking specific questions about why she chose certain items or what random experiences she encountered while out, a naturally flowing conversation will follow. That's a direct route to making her feel noticed, appreciated, and cared for.


Some moms prefer to keep pushing along in the face of strife--and never give themselves a break in the process. This kind of mom carries the pressures of family balance with more poise than Atlas himself, so she doesn't need a day 'off' that could throw a wrench in her routine. For this woman, slowing down = getting complacent. The only option is to work with her tenacity, not against it. Encouraging this type of person to 'slow down' or 'take a day to relax' would be like encouraging a fish to breathe out of water and call it vacation. She's got energy and isn't afraid to use it! This mom would appreciate nothing more than getting more items crossed off of her list. What better way than to work together on a project?!

We bet your 'home projects list' is a lengthy one, so plan to tackle a couple of those home renovations on her special day together! Choose a few projects from the list, keeping a realistic timeline in mind to complete each one. (And don't stress if only one item can get completed--that's okay! Progress is progress!) Then, get all the required tools ahead of time so all she has to do on her special day is crank up the music and follow the plan you made! These kinds of moms are so used to making the decisions that having a day to get something accomplished without having to exert excess brain power than is absolutely necessary will be the most appreciated gift possible!


This past year has been especially hard with so many lives lost or otherwise affected by the pandemic. If the mom in your life seems like she would benefit from a good boost, then we have the perfect gift idea for you! This kind of mom has been through it all, and you can see that she's not the same in small ways. This is the perfect time to gently remind her just how appreciated she is through a series of small gestures that generate joy!

For starters, find some sticky notes, scrap paper, anything you can write on. Then, leave small messages in as many random places as possible. From expressing your love and appreciation for her to reminiscing about memories shared together, leaving little notes will surprise and enchant her! Love the way her smile illuminates a room? Let her know that with a note taped to the toothpaste tube or on bathroom mirror! Does the idea of going a day without her drive you to the brink of insanity? Tape a note detailing your favorite memory to her steering wheel! The places you could leave these little reminders of love and appreciation are countless. Challenge yourself to think of as many notes to make as possible-- this mom deserves it! And, if you're feeling extra cute, try hiding in a few locations with a camera to capture her candid reaction. For the mom you're honoring, encountering these words of admiration will affirm to her slowly throughout the whole day that she is more appreciated and loved than she realized. So, give her the boost she needs and get to writing!


Some moms have their go-to products, some have their go-to styles, but we all know that mom whose go-to phrase is "I just need some peace and quiet". Moms like this are harder to please than you think, because wanting quiet and wanting to be alone are not the same thing. Pressures of parenthood, working, staying connected in-person & online, and keeping up with self-care leave thoughts bopping around the brain like balloons attached to the same paperweight. Add in some questions, comments, or concerns for the brain to process and you've got the perfect storm for over-stimulation, something that makes even the most docile person irritable. When we hear the phrase "I just need some quiet", we automatically excuse ourselves from the room to give that person some space, even though they specified wanting quiet. It's a simple misunderstanding, but one that could lead to further frustration (which is the opposite of what we want here!).

If the mom in your life has been expressing the desire for some peace and quiet, try making it into a game of 'queen for a day'. (similar to the quiet game, but with a set time limit) Implore everyone in the household to join in on this one--even the moody teenagers! The only rule is to be silent and make mom smile! Having to communicate with family members through gestures isn't just fun for the whole family-- it's entertainment for mom, who gets to use her voice to direct the rest of you to do whatever she wants! Since you all have to be silent, there will be no backtalking or whining--every mother's dream come true!


This Sunday usually comes with additional stress, spending, and anxiety around how to find the perfect Mother's Day gift. Luckily for you, this article exists to guide you through a stress-free day for mom and the rest of the family! By using our guide, you will make the mom in your life feel loved, appreciated, and above all-- noticed! For additional ideas of crafts to make this Mother's Day, head to our Pinterest board where you will find ideas for all ages to contribute to making mom feel loved!

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