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6 Energizing Pastimes to Play With - Anywhere, Anytime

April 21, 2021

Spring has a way of appearing like magic, and it’s the perfect time to create your own magic to shed those winter blues and generate instant energy - a much needed boost - to your space! There are plenty of insta-worthy activities that are on everyone’s to-do list this season, and we know you’re excited to check off each one of them. But, where to start? We have the answer: My Photo! You can easily and quickly create holiday photos out of thin air—just like magic!

Grandfather and Granddaughter swinging on a tree swing, with big cherry blossom trees in the background

Nothing says Spring like a family photo in a grassy field on a beautiful sunny day. But what about those pesky spring showers? With My Photo, you don’t need to find the perfect setting or deal with the itchy feeling that comes with spring flowers and grass. All you need are the people you love and a camera! From flying kites to running a lemonade stand, My Photo includes everyone’s favorite spring pastimes for everyone! You can use photos you already have or get creative and take new photos with your crew. The My Photo backgrounds are sure to inspire your next photo poses, so even those who aren’t creatively inclined can join in on the fun too! Get the most out of life with these six favorite spring activities to pose anywhere for the perfect MyPhoto.


Gardens are one of the most classic settings for a spring photo op! It’s undoubtedly comforting to see greenery sprouting up after a cold and dismal winter. Don’t have a backyard with a colorful garden? No worries! My Photo will capture an adorable family photo in a garden from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to stay inside and hold a bouquet or get outside to play in the dirt (we totally suggest getting dirty to make the final photo look super real!), My Photo gives multiple options to play with. Your toughest question - which background will you choose? We recommend all of them!

Couple in a garden with a man pushing his significant other in a wheelbarrow while she has her arms and feet up in the air


You don’t have to be Ben Franklin to know that flying a kite is a memorable experience that screams spring! And you don’t have to fly a kite outside in a storm like he did, either! Use My Photo to create new memories by staging the experience right in your home or yard! To fly a kite, the conditions must be just right! Which means that you probably don’t get to do it every year, if ever. Change that easily—just take a photo from far away of your kids jumping to reach for the kite.

4 kids looking and jumping up into the sky trying to catch the rainbow kite that floats above them


Life is still a little bit different and we’re all waiting for the moment that things will get back to “normal”. Social meetings are missed but you don’t have to miss out on capturing new social gathering memories! Everyone loves a picnic in the park but maybe you’re not quite ready to picnic with all your friends and family this spring. But you don’t have to miss out on all the fun either! Capture a moment to remember this season and create a wonderful memory to look back and remember spring 2021. Grab your cutest picnic basket, load up on your favorite picnic snacks and head to your yard, living room, or any place you feel safe to picnic with your loved ones. TBH, an indoor picnic is a ton of fun and super functional. You can picnic in any space of any size without the worry of weather! Plus, if you really love the My Photo picnic background (which we know you will), your indoor picnic photos will make your personalized My Photo incredibly realistic!

couple sitting on the floor with their dog inside a house with windows behind them in left picture, and in right picture couple is sitting on a blanket on the grass with their dog and blue skies and clouds behind them enjoying a picnic


Okay, so this may not be on everyone’s list for many reasons – like cost.... or fear. But, you can still take a hot air balloon ride this spring! With My Photo, you can make this expensive, scary activity look like something you do all the time! This photo theme is tons of fun to play with. Afraid of heights? Add some realistic creativity by snapping a pic of you squeezing your eyes shut and grabbing your favorite people to hold on for dear life! The outcome will surely give you the giggles, so don’t be surprised when everyone wants to try it out when they see your personalized hot air balloon My Photo!

woman is in a hot air balloon wicker basket covering her eyes with her hands, and the blue and purple sky is behind her


Going for a stroll in the park is one thing but frolicking in a vast field of wildflowers is a Spring activity that reinvigorates your energy and clarifies your mind. If you feel like you’ve missed out on this classic field trip this season, you haven’t! Save time (and your allergies) by using My Photo to play in fields of flowers and celebrate your favorite time of year. Snap a photo of your crew now that you can finally reunite, add a caption that perfectly describes your reunion, and you have a perfect memory that everyone will want to see!

4 women walking in a garden with arms linking, they are smiling and laughing, some of the women are wearing rain boots and spring straw hats


It can be hard to ‘squeeze’ all the outdoor Spring activities into one short season, but with this amazing life hack (you’re welcome), you can cross off many spring activities without having to leave your home! April showers bring May flowers … and then summertime! Get excited for the hottest season of all with this adorable lemonade stand My Photo background. Dress everyone in their favorite outfits and set up a fake scene - a table with some lemons, a piggy bank, a homemade sign, a glass of lemonade – anything! With this My Photo background, your kids can have all the fun of setting up a lemonade stand, and you get to reap the rewards – NO MESS!

young girl is standing behind a lemonade stand with her hands up holding dollar bills, it is a sunny spring day


Looks like tons of fun, right? And it’s easy enough for anyone to use it! So how does it work? It’s simple – in 4 easy steps, you can create custom, personalized photos to bring spring into your activities and your space.

fun photos in 4 easy steps. 1. upload personal photo 2. select holiday background 3. download my photo 4. share the magic.

Create some springtime magic with your kiddos or besties everyday this season! My Photo works regardless of how the weather cooperates. These six springtime activities are perfect to play around with on the sunniest of days or during those surprise spring storms that pop up randomly this time of year. Get happily rained-in with My Photo while creating lifelong memories and new seasonal traditions.


What are some Spring activities you would like to see next year? Let us know in the comments!

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