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6 Awesome Rainy-Day Activities for the Whole Family

March 31, 2021

Trust us - these fun photo activities are perfect for kids (and adults) on a rainy-day or just because you want to stay at home! Making your own photos may sound daunting, but we’ve got a super easy solution to create fun and festive personalized photos (and you don’t have to be a professional photographer either)!

We’ve found that the best photos to use are candid shots that perfectly capture the moment the way you want to remember it – a smile, a kiss, a surprise reaction. Our photo technology automatically detects the subject, removes the background, and magically transports you and your loved ones into a world of spring and Easter fun! From anywhere, anytime, you can create new photos that are practically perfect!  

1. Easter Basket Family Style!

Make it look like your family is really in the Easter basket! With these simple steps, you can use this photo pose for any of the Easter basket photos.

  • Fill a small circle with regular Easter basket material (including nestling, Easter eggs, candies - however you decorate and gift your traditional Easter baskets)

  • Sit your family in the pile to snap the photo

  • Play with it – have the person sitting in the middle throw some of the nestling into the air!

Easter Basket Family Pose

2. Egg Hunt with Wendell the Bunny!

Want to get a funny Easter photo? Use the My Photo Egg Hunt background and play around with Bunny hiding behind the tree!

  • Take a photo of your kids or siblings or neighbors (anyone!) sitting with their hands on their faces as if they’re trying to hide

  • Use that sibling rivalry and capture it all in one Easter photo! Have one sibling bending toward or reaching out for an Easter egg while the other tries to stop them by grabbing their waist or pulling on their pant leg

  • For a simple alternative, just grab an Easter basket, fill it with grass, candy and plastic Easter eggs. Hold it up, pose, vogue, whatever you’re feeling!  

3. Easter Egg Masterpiece!

Put those hand-dyed Easter egg works of art to good use before you eat them or hide them for your Easter egg hunt! Those beautiful creations are the perfect prop to customize your My Photo. It's the best way to remember the memories with all your favorite people (and document your hard work too)! Share your Easter egg magic with Wendell the Bunny to increase the Easter fun!

  • Gather your dyed eggs, hold them up and smile!  

  • If you want to get really creative, try hot gluing the Easter eggs to a dowel rod to give the illusion that they are stacked and balanced!

Easter Egg Masterpiece My Photo

4. Bring in Summer Energy Early With a Lemonade Stand!

Don’t wait for those April showers to pass to open a lemonade stand - make some fun memories inside! You don’t need to squeeze any lemons to have fun with this theme!  

  • Use this background to announce a fundraiser - like a mission trip!

  • Take a picture of your kids (or your fur children – pets are totally invited to the party) with some props you would have at a lemonade stand! 

  • Get creative with household items – like a piggy bank!

  • Take a photo with the prop raised over head with both hands, triumphantly showing off that Lemonade income!

  • Snap a photo dumping out all the coins while shouting “money!” to show off counting all those lemonade earnings!

Lemonade Stand My Photo Background Fundraiser Announcement

5. Hot Air Balloon Arrival Announcement!

Use the hot air balloon My Photo background to announce the arrival of a new baby or a unique gender reveal greeting!   

  • Use a tripod, timer, and continuous shot settings to create this one on your own or ask a friend to step in and play photographer! Ditch the excess calories and opt for gender reveal cupcakes to have a cake fight with. Let the photographer (or camera if using a tripod) countdown for you, and once the timer reaches zero, FIGHT! The end result will be an adorable and candid photo with a perfect background!

  • Make it look like you’re on cloud nine! Stand next to your significant other and hold out your hands about chest high. Get a big handful of cotton stuffing and lay it out across both of your hands. Place your ultrasound on top, smile for the camera, and you’ve got yourselves the perfect photo to announce the arrival of your new baby!

6. Life-Size Chocolate!

Have your little ones always wanted to take a bite out of a life-size chocolate bunny? Well, now they can (digitally – all the fun and ZERO sugar high! You can thank us later)! Using the giant chocolate bunny My Photo background

  • Put one of your kids on your shoulders (or hold them) and have them turn their head and roar! Once you upload this photo with the background, it will look like they are trying to bite the chocolate bunny!  

  • Snap a photo with a regular size chocolate bunny with a surprised face - so in the photo it appears you’re not so happy with the chocolate you received (this is too cute!)

Life Size Chocolate My Photo Background

Once you gain access to the premium spring and Easter backgrounds (unlimited account access until April 30, 2021), your imagination will run wild with possibilities! From hot air balloon rides over gradient sunset skies to competitive egg hunts in lush green fields featuring none other than Wendell the Easter Bunny! Not sure how to pose your photos before uploading them? We’ve got you covered! We’re going to show you the best poses to strike that will bring your favorite My Photo backgrounds to life – it’s simply awesome!  

Have some creative ideas of your own? We want to see! Post your creations online with #BunnyMagic for a chance to be featured in one of our future blog posts!  

Spring and Easter My Photo Account Access ends 04.30.21.

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