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4 Themes to Play with Traditional BUNNY Photos

March 20, 2021

Spring means getting to go outside again—with other people! We know you’re ready to get out of the house, soak up the sun, and have some springtime fun! We came up with some new ideas to get reunited with the ones you love AND start some new Springtime traditions! With Easter right around the corner, you’ll want to get planning right now! To get you started, we have four family-friendly Bunny Photo themes that will take your traditional Easter Bunny visits to the next level this spring! You’ll want to get all your friends, neighbors, and family involved because these events have something for literally EVERYONE! From crafty to sporty to laid-back and casual, we are certain that these events will be ideal for the whole family and the neighborhood too. Everyone will RSVP: Yes! when you tell your favorite people the special guest is Wendell the Easter Bunny!

The best part about Springtime is the emergence of flowers and the beautiful colors that come along with them! We all love DIY projects – so give your annual Bunny visit some fun flair with our seasonally-inspired tie-dyed looks to wear for our annual Tie Dye day! It’s the best way to start your Spring Season: with an explosion of color! Try these easy DIY tie-dyeing tutorials at home, then wear your creations to your Bunny visit!

Tie-Dye Pride theme day encourages everyone to make tie-dye shirts, accessories, outfits and capture the magic with Wendell the Easter Bunny at your local mall. For the best experience, book your Bunny visit online to guarantee your time to show-off your Tie-Dye creativity! Click here to learn more about Tie Dye Day. But don’t worry – if you don’t make a reservation to visit Bunny at a location near you, you can walk up and still create Tie Dye Bunny Photo Magic!

For inspiration on items that can be dyed, head to our Tie-Dyed Everything Pinterest board!

Tie Dye is the coolest way to get outside and have a blast adding fun, spring colors to your wardrobe! Get started making your own Tie-Dyed look, styled from head-to-toe with these special insider tips!

TIP #1
Think outside the T-Shirt! ANYTHING can be tie-dyed if you get creative. Headbands, masks, bandanas, jeans, shoes, socks – if you can wear it, you can dye it!

TIP #2
Did you get an Easter Egg dyeing kit this year? You can use the same dye tablets that come with your kit - like magic, your outfit is truly inspired by the best spring holiday.

TIP #3
Mix it up with inverse tie-dye in just ONE extra step: Bleach! For this, you will want to begin with black apparel, then follow tie dye steps first using bleach (and gloves!!) before going back in with the dye. Be sure to Save & follow our Pinterest board of step-by-step instructions on how to reverse tie dye!

Don’t forget! Book your reservation online to show off your tie-dye creations at your local Bunny Magic photo location at! You’re going to want to share your tie-dye Bunny photo experience on social media; when you do, be sure to use #BunnyMagicTieDye for a chance to be featured in our next blog or on our social media channels!

A special Bunny photo opportunity just for you, the college student (and college alumni too)! Deck yourself out in all your favorite college and university gear, grab your roommates, friends, teammates, Greek sisters and brothers for the perfect opportunity to kickoff the spring season with an unforgettable Bunny photo! This is a great way to network with your colleagues or catch up with old college buddies - and capture a wonderful spring experience with your favorite Easter tradition too!

Show up and show out in your favorite school’s attire to represent your community (and all your hard work that it took to get there)! Whether you still fit into your old jersey (we can blame covid if not!) or need to make something new, you won’t want to miss the chance to capture new memories in your favorite university and college colors. Find a location near you and reserve your Bunny photo appointment to celebrate your favorite college!

Tell your friends by inviting them to the event on Facebook! Have some long-distance college pals? No problem! Get them on a group video call a few minutes before the time of your reservation, bring your tablet, and say ‘cheese’!

Use these tips to have even more fun with your Bunny Magic College experience:

TIP #1
Jazz-up your existing college-wear with some simple DIY hacks to upcycle your wardrobe! For the easiest ones, check-out our carefully curated College Pinterest Board.

TIP #2
Rally the troops! Invite your college pals via our Facebook event page and represent your school as a squad! Matching T shirts and face masks, anyone?! With printable heat transfer vinyl, anyone can make their own gear! Peep DIY Heat Transfer T-Shirts for the best tutorials from Pinterest boards we’ve created just for you and #BunnyMagicCollegeNight

Challenge your rival college team to outnumber yours at our event, and outshine them with your own DIY school spirit! (With our help, of course)

Can’t make it out to the event, but miss your college pals? Bust-out those old photos from the good ol’ college days and create new photos at Create Holiday Magic! You can turn almost ANY photo into a vibrant new experience that evokes the spirit of the Spring season, without having to change out of your pajamas - instantly new life to your favorite old memories.


For in person Bunny photos, book your reservation at now and don’t forget to share your Bunny Magic College photos with all your friends on social media using #BunnyMagicCollegeNight.

Are you a cool dad with an even cooler daughter? Or maybe a daughter who loves her father despite his whacky ramblings on lawn mower safety? Then this is the perfect event for you! Come to our Dads & Daughters date night at your local mall for an unforgettable Bunny Magic experience. Visit the Bunny, capture the memory with a special photo package, and share your experience online! #DadsAndDaughtersBunnyMagic!

We have you covered for the best insider tips to get those one-of-a-kind father/daughter photos you’ve always wanted!

TIP #1
This is for the folks not afraid to go ALL OUT! Bored with dyeing Easter eggs? Temporarily dye your hair (or just a section of it) for a modern and cohesive Father-Daughter look! We saved the easiest ways to temporarily dye your hair for Easter, don’t forget to save & follow!

TIP #2
Dress to impress! Looking for a great excuse to get all dressed up? Well, look no further!

Dads: wear your formal suits & break out those wacky socks and ties!
Daughters: get dressed-up like it’s prom night without the cost by upcycling outfits from previous years to make your own new Easter fashions!

TIP #3
Showcase your family’s unique sense of humor by bringing your own family-friendly DIY photo props! (Make sure to select Package A when you book your reservation!).

Grab your best friends, your matching outfits, and book your reservation at a mall near you today! Link up with your BFFs to reunite with Wendell the Bunny! Want to make some friendship bracelets to wear? Check out these DIY friendship bracelets for Spring to make your photo extra unique! Post your creations on social using #BunnyMagicBFFStyle for a chance to be featured on our story!

TIP #1
You can be goofy or trendy, but either way, if you coordinate matching outfits and seasonal nails, you and your best friends will have a special memory to look back on!

TIP #2

Whether you make one for everyone or have everyone make their own, it’s easy to make your own matching bracelets in 3 steps!

  1. Head to your favorite online craft store

  1. Select a color scheme that you all like (if each person is making their own, share the link to make sure you all match!)

  1. Make your bracelets! We’ve already picked out the best designs for you to make it even easier for you!

TIP #3

Link up with other BFF groups to get your photos together and get competitive! Invite everyone to our Facebook event, then give each group a specific color to wear and see which group can come out with the best picture!

We all love our best friends - no matter how old we get! This is the easiest way to do what best friends love more than anything – take photos together! Grab your Bestie and get ready for an Easter tradition you won't forget! Don’t forget to book your reservation at Share how cute you and your Bestie are in your Bunny photos on social media with #BunnyMagicBFFStyle.  

When we’re right, we’re really right!! These four festive events spice up traditional Easter Bunny photos for everyone, and you'll seriously want to get everyone you know involved! From old college pals from previous years to new ones you made in your online classes this year. From BFFs who haven't seen each other since 2020 to the ones that have been hanging out on zoom regularly. These fun themes will get everyone inspired to reconnect in-person over some fun family-friendly activities that will kick-off the spring season with a positive attitude and bring new life to your favorite Easter tradition – Bunny Photos!

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