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4 DIY PHOTO CRAFTS to Decorate your Home or Office for ...

March 12, 2021

The temperature is rising, and the flowers are blooming! You know what that means: it’s time to release your spring and Easter excitement! We’re pumped to share four incredible decorating solutions using spring and Easter photography to rejuvenate your life at home or spruce up your office. We hand-picked décor tips for you that are guaranteed to create a spring dream display. Now, all you have to pick are the flowers to place next to your new DIY Easter and spring photo decorations.

Seriously, these ideas are simple, elegant, and Instagram-worthy. We’d bet these photo-inspired crafts will make an appearance in next year's spring redecorating too. Whether you’re starting new Easter traditions or innovating your family’s spring activities, each simple, crafty photo project will have you hopping with Easter magic to kick off the spring season.

Instant Photography for New Couples

We know your new couples’ journey looked a bit different over the last year. The global pandemic has challenged everyone to embrace a new “normal”. As a new couple, you didn’t get the chance to go on the date nights that filled you and your partner butterflies! Did you even really get to feel the excitement of spring last year? We didn't.

And with fewer places to go, we know that the need for virtual experiences is appreciated now more than ever. With you and your new relationship in mind, we're letting you in on a little secret: the ultimate life hack for new love birds who haven’t had the opportunity to create memories and capture magical photos.

That's right - AND it's 100% FREE to try, super fun and incredibly easy! If you and your bae are looking for custom portraits to decorate your home or office space, this is the perfect solution for you!

New Couples My Photo

My Photo background themes allow you and your significant other to instantly appear in magical spring and Easter-themed photography. It's the perfect solution to create memories that capture your new love. And of course, display your love on social media, in greeting cards, or print to frame to decorate your home or office space.

Capture Adorable Couple Photos

1. Find your favorite pictures of you and your lover


2. Or double the fun and snap new images of you and your boo

Don't worry about the background of your images. My Photo removes the background instantly - so all that matters is how you like the way you and your favorite person look!


3. Upload your photos into your My Photo background themes


4. Share directly to social media or download the finished product to print at home or your favorite photo printing spot – like Walgreens or CVS

There's no photo upload or My Photo download limit, so you can create all the New Couples Photos you'd like! Get started now – Create Bunny Photo Magic with My Photo Today!  

Personalized Photo Table Cards

Spring means family gatherings and love-filled dinners. The best way to ‘wow’ your dinner guests is with personalized decorations that customize the experience. Everyone loves to feel special, and with My Photo in your back pocket, you will surprise guests of all ages with unique, fun table cards made especially for each of your favorite people. So before you get everyone around your table this spring, use this simple table decorating tip to empower your creativity and spread the love for your family and friends.

DIY Personalized Table Cards with My Photo

Decorate Your Table in 5 Easy Steps

1. Select an image for each table guest (search your device or download from social media)

2. Upload photos into the chosen My Photo background (there’s plenty of spring and Easter options to differentiate for each of your table mates)

3. Add each guest's name in the "TEXT" box

Personalize Unlimited Photos with Spring and Easter Themes

4. Download the custom My Photo and print the photo (wallet size suggested)

5. Fold in half at the top and trim the edges

Personalized Table Cards for Everyone Made with My Photo

Voila! Individualized, playful Easter and spring decoration for your holiday table spread! It also doubles as a party favor that shows how much you care about each of your loved ones who earned a seat at your beautiful dining table this holiday. This decorating trick is guaranteed to create an unforgettable experience at your next holiday gathering. You can thank us later!

Personalized Table Cards for Everyone Made with My Photo

Holiday Photo Timeline

We are in LOVE with this adorable photo display. Why? Because it works wherever you work! Whether you’re working at home or going to the office, you have to show off photos of your kids, family and friends. Seeing your favorite people through the years is the best way to decorate your space and those adorable faces are sure to inspire the spring spirit!

And it's super easy. It doesn't take an artist to make a magical photo timeline that boosts energy throughout the workday. Use photos from previous Bunny (and Santa) visits from the past. Or if you want something fresh like the season, create custom Easter 2021 portraits easily with My Photo! 

Get Your Photo Timeline in 1-2-3!

1. Find photos from past holidays (and don't forget to book your Bunny visit for exclusive 2021 photos)

2. Create a photo board using cork, foam, or a piece of Balsa Wood

3. Get creative with the design and attach photos using double-sided tape (removable tape is suggested to maintain photo quality and provides opportunity to use the photos in other crafts!)

We love when we get inspired by our own! Check out how Cherry Hill Programs employee, Kim Young, decorates her office space with holiday photos with Santa and Bunny from all the way back to 2010 (talk about #throwback)!

Photo Timeline Display with Print Santa and Bunny pictures

This simple decorating hack fills us with all the joy and sparkle that the spring season is all about! Seeing her kiddos over the years is the best way to make her office space feel like home - and there's no better way to decorate than with your babies!

So what are you waiting for? Book your 2021 Bunny Photo experience now (reservations encouraged; walk up visits welcomed where space permits).

Mini Photo Memory Book

The ultimate way to show-off your eye for design and appreciation for your loved ones is with a customized memory book! Trust us – you’d be proud to display this everywhere you go! Did we mention this mini photo display is the perfect size to fit in your briefcase, backpack, wallet or purse? It’s ideal for anyone on-the-go. This easy photo decorates any space any where for anyone - professionals, stay-at-home parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, moms, dads and more! If you're constantly changing your location, decorate your life where it is with something you can keep on you everywhere.

If you’re short on time (who isn’t these days?), no worries! This Mini Memory Book can be completed in one day. This craft is quick, simple and the perfect way to get your coworkers, friends, and family in the Easter spirit without cutting into your busy schedule!

Assemble the Mini Photo Memory Book

  1. Select a spring-inspired patterned paper (we suggest an Easter theme of course

  2. Use double-sided tape (permanent for paper, temporary for photos)

  3. Crank out your cutting machine (like a Cricut or Cameo)
    If you do not have a cutting machine, print out the cut file, trace the shapes onto patterned paper, and cut with an Xacto knife or scissors (use perforation marks as a crease guide)

  4. Find your favorite family photos or create new photos with My Photo  

  5. Assemble your mini adorable photo display!
    Click here to access the cut file and instructions for assembly

Mini Photo Memory Book Perfect for Folks On-the-Go

Looks like you’re going to get used to being the center of attention! With these four awesome solutions to decorate your home or office for the spring season and the Easter holiday, you’re sure to receive lots of positive reactions from family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

The best part about your new DIY, love-filled photo décor: it's simple. That means no matter your level of creativity or your busy schedule – you can do it! Have fun with these projects alone, together with friends and family, and even over video chat! Celebrate the season with your favorite traditions while adding something new into the mix!

For more ideas on Easter traditions and spring activities, read last week’s blog – 5 Fun Family Easter Traditions for Spring 2021.  

Spring and Easter My Photo Account Access ends 04.30.21.

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