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15 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Pets, Kids, Family, Frien...

December 15, 2021

The holiday season is almost over! But it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with the last few days before Christmas, let’s celebrate the wonder and joy around the world. This time of the year is all about being with your loved ones- celebrating the magic, exchanging gifts, and creating moments to remember forever. Browsing for some fun activities to indulge in with your loved ones, or creative gift ideas for each member of your family is a fast and easy task if the one that will participate in them or receive them walks on two legs and speaks your language. And is not a parrot. 

Pets are deservingly considered as an irreplaceable part of the family and to make sure you don’t leave them or their owners (including you!) out of the fun during the fast-approaching Christmas day, The Holiday Blog has come up with many interesting and creative gift ideas for everyone to enjoy. From a visit with Santa to a variety of custom-made goodies- you are sure to find the purrrfect gift to wag every tail and warm every heart. Here it goes! 



1. Experience the Santa Magic During a Special Pet Night Event 


A traditional picture with Santa is a fantastic way to commemorate the holiday season with your beloved human friends. So why not do the same exact thing with your pet? Bring your fur friend to a Pet Night  event and celebrate Santa Magic together! Don't be shy: Santa loves all the animals! Pet Night  events are available in select locations near you in the week of 12.13.2021 to 12.17.2021 so make sure you won’t miss the chance! Spread the holiday magic by supporting The Humane Society of the United States great cause at some of the participating locations. Create a moment to remember for life with your fur friend before the holiday season ends! 



You can use your favorite images from any Santa Magic event, including Pet Night  visits to create personalized cards and gifts for your friends and everyone in your family. Simply go to, access your digital Santa Magic images with the provided photo code and choose the items you want to customize with your own Santa Magic memories. Here are some of the products you can personalize using your Santa Magic photo. 




2. Slurp the Magic from a Personalized Mug 

Every pet owner knows the wet stare their fur baby gives them every time they munch on something tasty. Now you can double up the experience by having them do so while you drink your morning coffee or evening hot cocoa. Use your favorite photo from your Pet Night  visit with Santa, or any Santa Magic event to create a personalized Christmas mug! Book your Pet Night  experience now and get your holiday mug ready before Christmas at 



3. Hang the Magic with a Personalized Ornament 

Make everyone believe in your fur baby’s magic! Using your Pet Night  visit favorite photo, you will be able to create a beautiful, personalized Christmas ornament. No matter where you choose to display it, you will be sure to bring an individualized touch to your holiday décor and show everyone exactly how much your pooch means to you! Simply access your digital images on and choose an ornament design that you like and add your Santa Magic photo to it. It is as simple as that! Book your Pet Night  experience on time and get your ornament ready for Christmas at  



4. Deck the Magic with a Personalized Foam Tile 

Use a stylish foam tile with the festive image of your pooch’s Pet Night  experience to deck the halls of your home with holiday magic! Easy to hang and reposition, these foam tiles are lightweight and come with self-adhesive magnets. Perfect as a gift for a dear friend or as a little something to spoil yourself with. Find a Pet Night  photo experience now and get your own personalized tile using your favorite Santa Magic picture on 



5. Spread the Magic with Personalized Holiday Cards 

Are you known among your friends as a devoted pet parent? Well now you can prove yourself worthy of this title by sending everyone a cute Christmas card of your pet’s visit with Santa! Turning your unforgettable Santa Magic experience into a great Christmas card couldn't be easier! Simply access the images from your visit at and order your custom holiday cards directly from the website or download them and share them on social media or send them via email. Book your Pet Night  visit today and have your cards ready to send before Christmas arrives! 




6. Frame the Magic with a High-Quality Photo Print 

Create Holiday Magic for generations to come before the holiday season is over! Santa Magic photo prints and posters are created on long-lasting, high-quality paper to avoid fading over time. Silver halide prints provide the best quality image and deliver vivid color reproduction, more natural skin tones, exceptional sharpness, and unsurpassed color stability. Access your Pet Night  visit images at and order a high-quality photo print in your desired sized. Frame it and give it to a loved one as a holiday gift or hang it on your wall and have the magic of the holiday season present at your home all year long! Don’t miss out- book your visit today! 



Did You Know? 

By purchasing "A Moment to Remember" Pet Night  photo package (or any Santa Magic event) you also get $25 to shop at Shutterfly? Not only will you experience the ultimate holiday tradition with your pooch, but you will also get to create personalized gifts for your friends or yourself by using all your Santa Magic images before the holiday season ends. Check out some of the best ways to use the pictures from your Pet Night visit and turn them into adorable, personalized gift for your pooch or yourself before the holiday season ends! 



7. Create a Personalized Stocking for Your Pet 

Help Santa out! Get a Christmas stocking for your fur baby and make sure he has where to put those yummy treats! And how to make sure he knows which one to fill? By personalizing it with your favorite photo from your Pet Night visit with Santa of course! Don’t miss the chance- book your visit with Santa today at 


8. Get Them a Custom Bowl 

If you think that your pet’s favorite time of the day is cuddling with you, you better think twice! It is most likely that the only thing that excites your four-legged child more than spending time with you is when their internal clock approaches feeding time. So why don’t you take the opportunity to spoil your fur child with a cute, personalized bowl? Use the photo from their Pet Night visit with Santa and make every meal a festive feast! Book your Pet Night  visit at and make sure to surprise your pooch with an unforgettable holiday gift before the season is over! 


9. Show Off Your Pets with aPhone Case  

You can’t take your fur baby everywhere with you? Well, there is a fun way to go around this one. Think about it: what is it that you always carry with you? It is only natural that in today’s fast paced everyday life your phone is between some of the first things that come to mind. Take advantage of the opportunity by making a custom phone case out of the holiday photos you took with your pet during your Santa Magic experience. Not only will it protect your mobile device, but you will also get to show it off the fun time you had together to all your friends and colleagues. Win, win! Don’t wait for the season to end- book your visit with Santa today! 


10. Give the Gift of Experience – A Pet Photo Shoot 


Since your pet is always on the good list, why don't you gift them the perfect holiday experience on time for Christmas? That’s right – give your favorite fur friend the gift of time and experience. Show your pet some love by clearing your busy holiday schedule and spending time with your favorite companion. Nothing makes those puppy dog eyes happier than hanging out with his/her favorite Cat Dad or Dog Mom! Spend the day dressing up your pets in different outfits and have a photo shoot! Explore different areas of your house or go for a walk in the city in different locations. Capture all the poses and adorable faces on your smart phone... and easily upload those photos to My Photo PETS platform to create instant holiday photos with My Photo PETS and capture the experience to remember forever! 

With My Photo PETS, you can upload your favorite images of your fur baby and create the most amazing holiday photographs in a matter of seconds!  

Too many photos of your favorite fur babies? No problem! My Photo PETS allows you to upload endless photos from any device. AND you get unlimited photo downloads too, so you can use every single one of those adorable photos on every single one of My Photo’s adorable holiday backgrounds. There is a little something for all the pet Moms and Dads to enjoy! 





And the best part? My Photo PETS creates professional quality photos that can be used easily to create tons of personalized Christmas presents and holiday gifts for everyone on your list!  

And if you have a friend (or friends) just as crazy about their pets as you are crazy about yours, you can use My Photo PETS to create the perfect personalized gift using the pictures of their own floofs! Here are some fun ideas on how My Photo helps create instant holiday gifts for everyone you love, including your fur baby and yourself! 


11. Send Holiday Greetings featuring Your Favorite Pets 

The holiday season is almost over! With My Photo PETS , you can create unlimited amount of different festive images to print and send out as holiday cards on time to all your friends and family. And if you prefer the more modern approach of Christmas ECards- no worries! Simply use the text box My Photo provides, write your holiday greetings, and download your images to send out to your loved ones in a matter of seconds. 




12. Celebrate your Pets by Gifting Framed Holiday Pet Photos 

My Photo PETS instantly creates personalized, quality holiday photos that you can print, frame or share on social media! Since they’re easy to download to your device and print, give your adorable holiday pet photos as gifts to friends, co-workers, family – your vet! You could even use as décor at your home – you deserve a gift too! Frame small photos and use as stocking stuffers!  

And if you want to surprise a loved one or a friend with a personalised holiday memory you can count on My Photo SANTA MAGI5. Enjoy even more fun holiday backgrounds and capture memories of yesterday with festive holiday backgrounds today. The perfect way to share the magic of the holiday season with everyone you love – from anywhere, any time!  





13.  Share the Cuddles with a Warm Fleece Blanket 

Super cuddly, absolutely fluffy and simply unique. While it might sound as a description of your fur baby, it could also be used to describe a warm and soft customized fleece blanket. Whether you get one for your pet, your friend's pet or yourself, a cuddly blanket is always a good idea! 

Did you capture the Santa Magic at a local photo experience? Claim your $25 to shop Shutterfly and use My Photo PETS – instantly create adorable fleece blankets to gift to your pets, kids, family, friends – yourself! (Yes, you deserve to treat yourself too!) Last chance to try for free! 



14. Capture the Pet Magic in a 2022 Calendar 

What better way to start the new year than creating a calendar filled with the cutest images of your pet? Create the best holiday pictures using My Photo PETS and use them to design an original custom calendar. Get creative by using some fun props and one of the many diverse backgrounds that My Photo PETS provides to create images fitting every different month.


15. Remember Pets That are Somewhere Over the Rainbow 


Having to say goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the most painful experiences that anyone could go through. And there is no wonder: pets are the most faithful companions and are deservingly considered part of the family. Pets are truly best friends and humans don’t deserve their perfection.  

And because of that, you should create something to remember your best friend or gift to a loved one who lost their faithful fur friend. Here are some ideas how to capture the pets we lost and celebrate their memory forever.  



A Trip Down Memory Lane 


The best way to make sure that you have all your treasured memories in one place is by pulling all the photos you have of and together with your beloved pet and putting them nicely in a photo album, created especially for the occasion. Use My Photo PETS to continue your holiday tradition before Christmas- create new holiday pictures of them to add to this year's album to remember year after year.  



There Is No Place Like Home 


A home is just a house without your best friend in it. Let the memories help you feel as if nothing has ever changed by making a beautiful keychain holder with an image of your late fur baby. Every time you enter your home you are sure to remember all the great memories you have created through the years. Use My Photo PETS and create a beautiful keychain holder and cherish your beloved fur friend forever 


The Holiday Blog hopes is here to give new ideas and inspire creativity to share the holiday magic all year long. Pets are an incredibly important part of celebrating magic – they create the magic! The holiday season is the best time to capture the joy and cheer, especially of our favorite fur friends - ‘tis the season!  


Are you excited to share your pets with loved ones this holiday season and check off presents for family and friends? Please share your gifts, ideas and other inspiration in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram. 

Want to see even more gift ideas for your pooch? Check out this Pinterest board.  

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May Your Holidays be Full of Warmth, Joy and Wagging Tails. Happy Celebration!  


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