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13 Tips for Hosting the Best Holiday Party

December 03, 2021

The holiday season is finally here, and it brings all its magic and joy to everyone around the world. It's the most wonderful time of the year to gather with family and friends and create memories that last a lifetime. There will be shared laughs, shining lights and sparkling eyes, full houses and fuller hearts, and many gifts for everyone to enjoy! And there is no better way to capture all this holiday magic than throwing an amazing party to celebrate with your loved ones! And being your secret helper, The Holiday Blog has prepared tons of handful tips and ideas for hosting a holiday party your guests will never forget! From trendy themes and custom invitations to delicious recipes and creative gift suggestions, you are sure to find exactly what you need. So, without further ado let's get the party planning started! 



1. Spice it Up 

Start out by making your party unique. And there is nothing better to bring your celebration to live than creating a fun theme for it! Whether it will be 30's Hollywood Glam, 80s Retro, or a simpler conception as a Black and White party, giving your guests a topic to work around is a good warm-up for the fun to come. And if you want your holiday party to match the upcoming season, you can't go wrong with Ugly Sweater Magic theme! Dress to impress because the best time to wear an ugly Christmas sweater is actually party time! But you can spice up your holiday gathering lots of ways... and there are 12 more tips and tricks to do just that below!


2. Holiday Sweaters and Smiles at Your Holiday Party

Attitude is everything when you’re wearing a ton of jingle bells and pom poms! Capture the holiday magic by wearing your favorite ugly holiday sweater to your photo with Santa! Events are coming to participating locations near you from 12.13.2021 to 12.17.2021. Find one near you, grab your family and friends and let the Ugly Sweater Magic begin!  




3. Make Table Cards with My Photo SANTA MAGIC!

Instantly decorate and make your guests feel special!

The best way to impress your guests is with personalized table decorations. With My Photo  in your back pocket, surprise your friends and family with customized table cards - now they know you really wanted them there AND where to sit (oh, but don't forget -don't put Jenny next to Amanda - haha). That's right - decorate, personalize, highlight and keep your guests from ruining the holiday party with specific seating placement. So, before you invite your friends to your gather around your holiday table this sesaon, use My Photo to make instant personalized table cards you can print from home!


Placeholder Cards in 5 Easy Steps 


1. Select an image for each guest (search your device or download from social media) 

2. Go to and upload photos into the chosen My Photo background (there is plenty of festive options to select from for each of your table mates)

3. Add guest's name in the "TEXT" box 

4. Download the custom My Photo and print the photo (wallet size suggested) 

5. Fold in half at the top and trim the edges 


And it is ready! Simple, right? Check out how easy it is- try My Photo for free! 


4. Send out Personalized Invitation Cards Using My Photo 

If table cards are going to impress your holiday dinner guests, personalized invitation cards are sure to leave them speechless! And the best part is that you can use My Photo  to create them as well! Upload your picture, pick a festive background, and let the platform take care of the rest! And if you are planning to host a themed event, The Holiday Blog suggests you use an image of yourself dressed according to the occasion. This way guests will be even more encouraged to show up in their favorite ugly sweaters! Add a cute invitational message, print to send per post or simply send it directly via email or social media!  



5. Prepare Delicious Party Snacks 

Starting the food planning process for your party early can help ensure a more enjoyable and stress-free evening. Getting a head-start also allows you to find the best looking and tasty treats to make sure your guests are “wowed” once again. Whether you are hosting a holiday party or bringing a dish to one, this Pinterest board has all the recipes to make your celebration memorable. 


6. Plan Yummy Holiday Themed Drinks 

Bring the holiday spirit(s) to your party! Since food and drinks go hand in hand, The Holiday Blog made sure to also include some fun festive cocktail ideas. Check them out on this Pinterest board. The star of the show is definitely The Grinch cocktail. This fruity beverage probably earned its name from the fact that it has the powers to bring the holiday feels even to the biggest Grinch in the room. This, or its color. Check out this simple recipe! 



2 ounces melon liqueur 

1/2-ounce lemon juice 

1 teaspoon simple syrup 

Maraschino cherry, for garnish 


How to Mix: 

1. In a cocktail shaker, pour the lemon juice, melon liqueur and simple syrup. Fill with ice. Shake well. 

2. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. 

3. Garnish with a maraschino cherry. Serve and enjoy. 


7. Take a field trip to experience Santa and The Grinch™ (©Dr. Seuss) at a Holiday Magic Village pop-up event at select locations across the U.S.!

Are you lucky enough to live in South Florida? The New York or Philly area? What about Louisiana or Seattle, Washington? You're in luck - you have local access to the most exciting holiday photo experience of the season! Take a trip through the immersive festive event at a Holiday Magic Village- the most exciting pop-up event of the season! Celebrate the holidays with all of your favorite characters in one place! Whether you want a traditional picture with Santa or a one-of-a-kind photo experience with The Grinch™ (©Dr. Seuss), The Holiday Magic Village is sure to have something for you and everyone in your family. Don't let this unique pop-up opportunity to impress your guests at your next holiday party and reduce the mess you'll have to clean afterward - book your visit now!  




8. Play Holiday Music using Create Holiday Magic's Spotify Lists

Can you even call it a party without good music? But time is money, so don't worry about creating your own playlist. Check out Create Holiday Magic Spotify playlists! From all-time favorite classics, to fun, modern tunes- there is something for everyone - and YOU don't have to lift a finger... well, except to press play when it's PARTY TIME!


9. Get Creative with DIY Holiday Photo Timeline 

Celebrating with close friends and family means it's time to get creative with a festive activity. Spread the holiday spirit and use your time together to make something that you can remember forever. Don't forget to do your photo timeline before your holiday gathering as an example AND additional decoration - the key is doing less work, not more, right? 2 birds - 1 stone!

Display your holiday pictures together through the years with this DIY timeline is fun and super easy. Use photos from previous holidays and visits with Santa. If you want to add even more sparkle and shine, you can’t go wrong with My Photo! Here is how to make it. 


1. Gather all your favorite photos from past holidays  

2. Create a board using cork, foam, or a piece of Balsa Wood. 

3. Get creative with the design- use Christmas lights, ornaments and whatever else you’ve got left after decorating. 

4. Attach photos using double-sided tape (removable tape is suggested to maintain photo quality and provides opportunity to use the photos in other crafts!) 

5. Hang it on the wall and let the journey down Memory Lane begin! 


You Don’t Have Anything to Add From This Year? 

No worries! Dream a little dream and capture your Santa Magic with a commemorative photo this holiday season! Find the nearest Santa Magic location and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with family, friends, and pets! 



10. Set up a Party Photo Booth 

Make sure to capture the moment and turn it into a great memory while having fun with your friends at your party. Here is the easiest way to create a festive backdrop. 


  1. Clean up the area in front of a curtained window in your home. 
  2. Gather a few colorful ornaments from your Christmas tree and secure them on the curtains using safety pins. 
  3. Use your curtain rod to hang any festive garlands or Christmas lights you might have left. 


And don’t forget that whatever the result is, you can always use My Photo and all of it’s fun backgrounds to create the most colorful and unique party photos without having to turn your living room into a film studio. Turning diy photo booth into a festive hot chocolate booth? You got it!



11. Don't Leave the Pets Out of the Picture 

Pets are family, right? So, it only makes sense that you don’t leave your fur baby out of the party fun! Upload one of their cute images to My Photo Pet and create the most amazing holiday photographs! There is a little something for all of the pet moms and dads to enjoy! Try My Photo Pet for free! 



Has Your Best Friend Met Santa Yet?  

Bring your fur baby to a Santa Magic Pet Night event and make special holiday memories together. Don't be shy: Santa loves all the animals! Celebrate the Magic of Giving by supporting The Humane Society of the United States great cause at some of the participating locations. Pet Night events are available in select locations near you in the week of 12.13.2021 to 12.17.2021. Capture the Santa Magic with your fur friend this season- create a moment to remember! 



12. Create an Easy Photo Garland  

If you have the opportunity of printing your party pictures after you take them, The Holiday Blog is here to give you an easy suggestion to double up the fun! Using scotch tape hang a row of Christmas lights or normal string on the wall. Provide your guests with enough clips (plastic paper clips will also do the deed) to easily attach the best pictures of the evening to the string. Easy and fun at the same time! 


Your Holiday Secret: The Jingle Bells Bundle

If you decide to use My Photo you might want to consider buying The Jingle Bells Bundle. The bundle contains both My Photo Santa Magic and My Photo Pets and conveniently lets you enjoy unlimited uploads and downloads during the holiday season. The Jingle Bells Bundle includes a special feature- Story Time. Gift your children the ultimate holiday experience by having Santa read your them the classic tale Twas the night before Christmas as a bedtime story.


Want a little sneak peek? Watch Santa read selections from the classic tale “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens for free!  



Did Somebody Miss the Fun? 

A dear friend couldn't make it this year? Make sure to connect with them. Text them, call them- show them that you are thinking about them, and you wished they were there with you. And if you want to make a part of the party even though they couldn’t make it, no virtual connection is more personal than a video call. Say hello and have a chat with everyone, sing a Christmas song together or simply raise your glasses at each other- a live call makes it all as if they were there with you! 



13. Invite Santa to Your Holiday Party!

That's right - Santa can be on your guest list. Live video chat with Santa during you holiday gathering and you're guaranteed to be named: Party Host Expert!

Invite Santa to your 2021 holiday party and impress all the guests at your winter gathering.

Bring Santa to your home this holiday season! Surprise your friends and your family with a live video call with him! Share your wishes with him, ask him as many questions as you like and even tell him a joke if you like! This VIP call is included only in The Holiday Traditions Bundle! With it you can create unlimited wonders using the My Photo portal, have Santa read your kids a bedtime story and participate in this exclusive video chat. Get your Holiday Traditions Bundle today! 



BONUS. Create Personalized Presents for Your Guests!

Did you know that by purchasing any Santa Magic photo experience you also get $25 to shop at Shutterfly? Not only will you get to experience the ultimate holiday tradition, but you will also get to create personalized gifts for everyone on your nice list! Whether you want to send them a custom holiday card or personalized calendar with fun holiday memories to remember all year long, Shutterfly got you covered!  


BONUS. Spread the Magic!

Since Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, consider spreading the magic with your family and loved ones. Pick a cause dear to your heart and create a little fundraiser to support it. Whether you want to support animal welfare organizations like The Humane Society of the United States or help increase awareness for people on the autism spectrum with Autism Speaks, one thing is certain. Giving is better than receiving. 


The Holiday Blog hopes you learned a lot of party secrets to enjoy time with friends and family this Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year should be filled with moments to remember- captured, enjoyed, and celebrated. Happy Holidays!


Got any party tricks up your sleeve? Share them in the comments down below or on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to The Holiday Blog for free today and keep up with all things holiday! 


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