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11 Tips and Ideas to Celebrate Newborn Baby's First Hol...

October 26, 2021

The holiday season is all about spending time with your loved ones and especially with your kids. This time of the year is significant because it allows families to create customs and traditions that are unique to their households. That's why the first holiday season with a baby is always an exceptional celebration that every parent anticipates and does everything possible to make memorable. Having a baby for the first time enhances the holiday experience and gives parents the perfect opportunity to better get to know their little bundle of joy. Of course, everything should be perfect:

The Tree Should Sparkle.

The Food Should Taste Good.

Everyone Should be Happy.

And if you and your partner are parents for the first time and don't have any holiday traditions, now is the best time to create some!

Importance of Traditions

Curiosity is ingrained in children from an early age, and one day they will most likely want to know every detail of every significant event that occurred when they were newborns. Don't you want to have something unique to show or tell your grown-up son or daughter years later when they ask about your first celebration together?

Having family traditions to keep is essential, and now is probably the best time to plan something special that you can do and look forward to every year during the holiday season. Rather than a one-time gift, invest your time and money in something that will last for years. Memories. Even if your baby does not appear to appreciate the holidays right now, later on, they will understand its parents' efforts, the time spent together, and the family customs they helped build with them.

You could, for example, plan a morning gift opening in your PJs in front of the Christmas tree, sing and dance along to your favorite carols, or bake sweets. Everything is fine as long as you do it together. If your holiday traditions are more elaborate, you may want to keep a journal of all the holiday activities for future reference. There is no limit to what you can accomplish! Even if only captured in a photograph, the baby's first holiday season is important because it is a part of their "first" memories. Decide what is best for your family and stick to it. Make sure to create some holiday traditions that all of you will look forward to each year.

Being your true celebration expert BFF, The Holiday Blog has prepared a list of 11 tips and ideas to ensure you have the best of times as a new parent during the upcoming holiday season. Check them out!

11 Tips and Ideas to Celebrate Baby's First Holiday

1.Planning is Everything. Or Not.

When the holidays arrive at your door for the first time, your baby may be only a few days or weeks old. The excitement of the run-up to celebrating is automatically transferred to the baby, especially if they are still so young. It is best to plan ahead of time who will run which errands. The more relaxed you will be with all of the organization, the more at ease the baby will feel. Don't plan too little, but also don't plan too much! The baby doesn't care: it will undoubtedly enjoy mom and dad's good mood rather than the perfect decoration and Holiday gifts! However, depending on the age of your child, you should not have unrealistic expectations. A baby doesn't understand any of this and requires its ordinary course of action. So don't over plan and don't overburden yourself or the child. Everyone with a little human at home knows that certain things don't always go as planned. Ensure that the celebration day has its usual processes, and you will be more relaxed.

2. Christmas Outfit

If you like themed clothing, you will love this one: there are many cute Holiday shirts, onesies, socks, and tights for babies available on the market. Just make sure to remember that it should be comfortable and that the child will most likely only wear it only a few times. And make sure to take some cute pictures!

3. Taking These Pictures

You should plan out some themed photos and use the opportunity to create a moment to remember. My Photo Santa Magic allows you to make some fantastic holiday memories without having to turn your living room into a film studio! Visit to purchase today! Upload your favorite pictures of your child and let the magic begin! And, if you want to make something special for everyone in your family, including your pets (because let's face it, they are a part of the family), the Jingle Bells Bundle is your best bet! This package deal gives you unlimited access to My Photo Santa Magic, My Photo Pets, and Story Time, and the best part is that it allows you to adopt two traditions simultaneously! Every Jingle Bells Bundle purchased will include Story Time. Santa himself will read the classic holiday tale, Twas the Night Before Christmas read to your children as a bedtime story!

Friendly reminder: Make a beautiful family photo album with the best pictures and preserve your unique memories of the first Holiday together for all time.

4. Decide Traditions

To avoid disappointment and misunderstandings, Holiday rituals should be discussed and planned ahead of time with your partner. What is most important to your family during the holiday season? Discuss this with each other because beautiful, common Holiday rituals with baby and child will almost certainly emerge as a result of this question. However, in all planning, you must always be as flexible as possible with your kid: if the baby needs to cry or if everything becomes too much for them, give it a break. Even if at the same time Christmas carols are sung, the food is on the table, or presents are unwrapped.

5. Plan Some Rest

You should plan your day in the manner in which your baby is accustomed. Too much action messes everything up. Breaks are essential when the baby is only a few weeks old. A baby of 10 months should also nap, so plan your activities so that your sweetheart can sleep at their regular time.

6. Family Gatherings

If visiting relatives and friends is what you usually do, it may make more sense and save you some precious time just to invite them over instead. And if you don't want to deal with all the hustle and bustle- cancel all plans! Everyone should be able to accept your decision, and there's no need for you to feel bad about it! Your baby will appreciate it if it does not have to deal with an unfamiliar environment as well as unfamiliar voices. And, to be honest, the little humans' wellbeing should be your top priority for a few months.

7. Create a Custom Tree Ornament

Make everyone believe in magic! Using My Photo Santa Magic you will be able to create a beautiful Christmas ornament featuring the image of your bundle of joy. No matter where you choose to display it, you will be sure to bring the magic of love to your holiday décor! Simply choose a design that you like and add your photo to it. Celebrate the magic of giving by gifting this to your family members, or just get one for yourself! Every following year, seeing this beautiful ornament, your child will be reminded of your love and strong family bond.

8. Meet Santa

It's never too early to introduce and adopt this ultimate holiday experience. After all, everyone has a childhood photograph of themselves with Santa. Children frequently create the best pictures with the old man when they see him for the first time. And this first reaction is precious! Why should you do this? Because your child will be grateful that you were able to capture this moment for them to remember. Head to and book a Santa Magic photo experience in a venue near you. Create magic for everyone in your family!

9. Hang The First Stocking

Traditional Christmas stockings are a fantastic holiday custom and create a festive atmosphere in your home. Pick a cute stocking for each member of your now bigger family and have them personalized! Every following holiday season, these stockings are sure to remind you of the very first time you celebrated Christmas together as a family.

10. Holiday Magic in The Nursery

Surely you have already planned the decoration of the living room, the stairwell, the hallway, and the house entrance, and generally how to spread the magic of the holidays in your entire home. Hopefully, you haven't forgotten your little one's room. Decorating the child's room for the holidays is a must because there, the baby will surely feel the romantic, festive charm of Christmas up close. And remember it's never too early to believe in magic!

11. The Grand Finale

Don't forget to relax and have a good time! It may be easier said than done, but in reality, the best advice can be summed up in only two simple words: be happy. Consider the first Christmas you spend with your baby as a practice run for the many years to come. And as long as the final product is a happy smile on its face, the recipe doesn't really matter. Not even a tiny bit.

The holiday season is slowly approaching, and to ensure you have the best time ever with your family, it is better to be prepared. Even if your baby's tears decide to make a memorable holiday debut (which is hard to avoid), dry your own, keep your cool and carry-on having fun after resolving the problem. Because, in the end, family is all that matters, in both happy and difficult times.

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Does your family have favorite holiday traditions? Share them in the comments down below or on Facebook and Instagram.

The Holiday Blog wishes you and everyone in your family happy planning and a relaxed welcoming of the holiday season!

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