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10 Ways to Get Creative with Your 2021 Santa Photos

November 16, 2021

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and Christmas just around the corner, The Holiday Blog continues the Christmas countdown with some fun and festive ways to make priceless moments even more memorable! Decorating the tree, telling stories, roasting chestnuts around the fire, hanging Christmas lights, getting a picture with Santa, opening presents, and just being present with the ones you love at the dinner table is what makes the holiday season so unique. But before getting into some creative ways of capturing the holiday spirit, let's take another trip down memory lane and explore the history of the Christmas tree.  

The First Christmas Tree 

Evergreen trees have long been associated with eternal life in pre-Christian cultures, including the Egyptians, the Chinese, and the Hebrews.  

In ancient Egypt, people cut down coniferous trees and brought them into their homes and temples in time for the winter solstice. During this time of the year, the Egyptians believed that their supreme god Ra was sick and weak, and to show their support for him, they decorated the evergreen trees to symbolize the triumph of life over death. 

Evergreen Trees Weren't Used Just by the Egyptians.  

The Druids, ancient priests, and shamans in the Celtic tribes believed that in order to ascend to the gods in the afterlife, you need to honor them by bringing evergreen plants into your home. This tradition dates back to the 8th century, and the most revered plant that the Druids used to observe was the Oaktree. Interestingly, the word "Druid" actually comes from the Celtic word for Oak, 'Duir.' In their beliefs, the Oak was a host to the strength and energy of their gods and catching a falling leaf from the tree was said to bring good luck and prosperity.  

The roots of the modern Christmas tree can be traced back to the Roman traditions of Saturnalia, Mithraism, and the cult of Sol Invictus. In honor of the god Saturn (Chronos in Greek), Romans celebrated Saturnalia in late December, including merrymaking, gift-giving, debt forgiveness, and the decorating of evergreen trees. Archaeological evidence suggests that this tradition persisted into the third century AD. The Edict of Milan of Emperor Constantine in 313 AD recognized Christianity and made Christianity the official religion of Rome ten years later. December 25th, 336 AD, was the date of the first recorded Christmas celebration. Emperor Aurelian had previously made the cult of Sol Invictus the state religion on December 25th, 274 AD. December 25th was also the birthday of the god Mithra, whose cult was so popular that historian Ernest Renan wrote that. 


"If the growth of Christianity had been arrested by some mortal malady, the world would have been Mithraic."  

The Christmas Tree and Christianity 

Obviously, many people liked evergreen trees throughout history and connected them with immortality and divinity, but the specific importance of the Christmas tree traditions began with one of the first Christian Saints: Saint Boniface. His figure was so crucial to the Anglo-Saxons during the 8th century that he has since become the patron Saint of Germany. Legend has it that Saint Boniface and his followers cut down a tree sacred to Germanic pagans and used it to build a church dedicated to St. Peter. The German theologian and priest Martin Luther, best known for the Reformation of the Church and the creation of Protestantism, is credited as the founder of the modern Christmas tree tradition in Germany.  

At the time, German Christians used to gather outdoors and build pyramids out of wood and decorate them with lit candles and evergreen branches to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

Inspired by the magical views of gleaming trees outside, Luther decided to carry this tradition into people's homes by bringing Christmas trees inside. 

This tradition was continued by Queen Victoria, the second longest-reigning monarch in world history. 

Her 1846 portrait shows the Queen of the United Kingdom posing with her children and her husband, Prince Albert, in front of a decorated Christmas tree at Windsor Castle. It is precisely this portrait that made the festive decoration of the evergreen tree a famous and symbolic Christmas tradition. In 1856, Franklin Pierce, the 14th president of the United States, was the first to place a decorated Christmas tree in the White House. 

The Holiday Blog hopes that you enjoyed learning the history of the best Christmas symbol. There are many unique ways to use your Santa Magic photo. Being your secret helper, The Holiday Blog has prepared numerous tips and ideas how to turn your festive memories into creative accents that help you stand out among everyone else this holiday season. Check them out!


10 Ways to Get Creative With Your 2021 Santa Photos  

Christmas Cards 

Send extra cute Christmas cards to your friends with a themed photo of the family! You can choose from a variety of Santa Magic-themed events to add a personal touch to your holiday celebrations. Popping a fun prop, putting on your favorite ugly sweater, or getting your pets involved are all fun ways to create an original festive photo. And turning your Santa Magic memory into a great Christmas card couldn't be easier! Simply download your favorite Santa Magic image from and turn it into the best Christmas card! 


Personalized Ornament for your Tree 

Make everyone believe in magic! Using your Santa Magic favorite photo, you will be able to create a beautiful personalized Christmas ornament. No matter where you choose to display it, you will be sure to bring a personal touch to your holiday décor! Choose an ornament design that you like and add your photo to it. It is as simple as that! Make a special gift for a friend or get one for yourself! Book your Santa Magic experience today and get your ornament at  

Personalized Holiday Mug 

Drinking hot cocoa from a personalized magic Christmas mug makes the holiday season even more special. Use your favorite Santa Magic photo and create the best personalized holiday present- a Christmas mug! Book your Santa Magic experience now and get your holiday mug at

Festive Foam Tile 

Use a stylish foam tile to deck the halls of your home with family holiday magic with photos of your loved ones! Easy to hang and reposition, these foam tiles are lightweight and come with self-adhesive magnets. A great way to give a personal, simple, and memorable gift to everyone in your family! Find a Santa Magic photo experience now and get your own personalized tile using your favorite picture on

Holiday Magic Print 

Create Holiday Magic for generations to come! Santa Magic photo prints and posters are created on long-lasting, high-quality paper to not fade over time. Silver halide prints provide the best quality image and deliver vivid color reproduction, more natural skin tones, exceptional sharpness, and unsurpassed color stability. Order your favorite Santa Magic print at, frame it, hang it, and have the magic of the holiday season present in your home all year long! 


Matching Sweaters 

Get some cute matching sweaters for your family and print your favorite Santa photos on them. Wear them to your holiday celebration party and be the trendsetter among your friends. Use to create unique and fun holiday pictures with Santa anywhere, anytime! 


Personalized Calendar 

What better way to remember the holidays than creating a calendar for the upcoming year? Get the best holiday pictures on without having to leave the comfort of your own home or turn your living room into a photo studio. Upload your favorite personal images to the My Photo platform, choose from the variety of different festive backgrounds and witness the magic happen before your eyes! There is something for everyone in your family- even your pets! Use your favorite ones and combine them to create the perfect calendar!


Table Cards 

The holidays are all about family gatherings and hearty meals. The best way to impress your dinner guests is with personalized decorations. With My Photo in your back pocket, you can surprise guests of all ages with customized table cards. So, before you invite everyone to your Christmas table, use this simple table decorating tip to inspire your creativity and spread holiday magic. 


Wrapping Paper 

Nothing tops a significant gift to a loved one than wrapping it in personalized paper! Use My Photo to create holiday memories with friends you haven't seen in a while and surprise them with a gift they wouldn't want to unwrap! 


Holiday Party Invitation Cards 

If table cards are sure to impress your holiday dinner guests, personalized invitation cards are sure to leave them speechless! The Holiday Traditions bundle is your best bet as it offers you unlimited access to My Photo Santa Magic and My Photo Pet, so you can create as many amazing, personalized cards and gifts as you wish. To top it all, this sweet deal stays true to its name by introducing two brand new holiday traditions to your family: a bedtime story read to your children by Santa himself and a LIVE video call with him! How amazing is that? 


The Holiday Blog hopes you enjoyed reading about the history of Christmas trees and got some creative inspiration to make the most of your holiday season with fun decoration ideas and personalized gifts using your favorite memories with Santa and loved ones. Whether you are starting your own family or enjoying time-honored family traditions, feel free to share your favorite memories in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram. Want to see even more creative ideas for your Santa photos? Check out this Pinterest board. 

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May Your Holidays be Full of Warmth and Cheer. Happy Celebration! 

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