Grab Our Christmas in July Gift to YOU - FREE Coloring Sheets!
July, 1 2022 Admin

To help you celebrate Christmas in July, we've got a gift just for you! These Christmas in July coloring activities featuring Santa are sure to add...

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Patriotic Ways to Celebrate July 4th with the Family
June, 30 2022 Admin

Summer’s here and we’re exploding with excitement! Other than Memorial Day and Labor Day, which serve as unofficial beginnings and ends to the...

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Tips from Professional Photographers to Help You Capture GREAT Photos
June, 28 2022 Admin

Cameras are accessible to us now more than ever, and most of us carry one everywhere we go on mobile devices. That means almost everyone has become a...

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Beat the Heat with These At-Home Water Activities
June, 21 2022 Admin

Summer’s heating up and it’s time to cool down! But you don’t have to head to the beach, the pool, or a waterpark to enjoy some fun splashing around....

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The Best Gifts to Get Dad This Father's Day
June, 14 2022 Admin

Father’s Day is a time when we celebrate our fathers and all they’ve done to shape us into the people we are today. The first Father’s Day was...

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Get this fun, FREE printable activity sheet for a photo scavenger hunt
June, 13 2022 Admin

Summer is here, and we're all excited to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. There are so many ways to have fun outdoors with your kids from bike...

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Road Trip Roundup: Our Favorite Family-Friendly Destinations
June, 6 2022 Admin

Summer’s here – time to take a road trip! Gather your crew (and your favorite snacks!) and get ready to hit the road. From coast to coast, we’ve...

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June Holidays to Celebrate with the Whole Family
May, 31 2022 Admin

Summer is finally here! The days are longer and school is out, which means more fun it the sun with the whole family. In June, we have the official...

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Meaningful Ways to Honor Memorial Day with Your Children
May, 24 2022 Admin

We look forward to Memorial Day every year – mainly because the holiday means a day off school or work for most of us. And because it falls on the...

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19 Ways to Have Fun in the Sun with Your Family
May, 18 2022 Admin

These days, we all seem to be spending more and more time indoors. As we find ourselves in front of screens constantly, it’s tempting to stay inside...

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17 Rainy Day Activities for the Whole Family (That Don’t Involve a Screen)
May, 9 2022 Admin

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry – especially when rain is involved! But you don’t have to let the rain get your family down, no matter if it’s...

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The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Mom
May, 3 2022 Admin

It's that time of year again! Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you're like most people, you're probably wondering what to get your mom....

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Holidays to Celebrate in May with Your Family and Friends
April, 26 2022 Admin

In the month of May, spring has finally sprung in full force, flowers are blooming, and birds are chirping. The weather is warm enough to enjoy the...

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11 Times Kids Got Cranky Meeting Bunny This Spring
April, 19 2022 Admin

Many of us have happy memories of meeting Bunny in the springtime. But, encounters with Bunny don’t always bring smiles to our little ones.   Yet...

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How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally With What's Already In Your Kitchen
April, 15 2022 Admin

Dyeing easter eggs is a fantastic way to share your creativity and celebrate spring. For many families, it’s an annual tradition because it’s...

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Why Rabbits Bring Easter Eggs and Other Fun Bunny Facts
April, 12 2022 Admin

Easter is one of the most fun and festive holidays of the entire year. But you’ve probably wondered: where does the idea of the Easter Bunny come...

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7 Tips to Host Your Own Egg Hunt This Easter
April, 8 2022 Admin

It’s not Easter without an egg hunt! Whether your children are celebrating their first Easter or are egg-hunting experts, this is one activity that...

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Allergen-Free Easter Candies That Everybunny Can Enjoy
April, 5 2022 Admin

One of the sweetest parts of celebrating Easter is diving into your Easter basket to enjoy your favorite candies. Maybe you’re a chocoholic and you...

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Bunny Cares: A Boy with Autism Meets the Easter Bunny for the First Time
April, 1 2022 Admin

The holidays are joyous times but there is extra holiday magic when everyone feels included. Each year, Cherry Hill Programs partners with Autism...

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5 Ways to Kick Start Spring with Your Bestie
March, 29 2022 Admin

Spring is the time of year when we shake off our winter blues and everything comes back to life. The flowers bloom, the sun shines, and the...

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Holidays to Celebrate with your Family, Friends, and Pets this Spring
March, 22 2022 Admin

Different cultures have their own unique traditions to welcome spring, and many families share similar traditions around this same time of year, too.

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Spring Activities to Capture Easter Traditions in 2022
March, 14 2022 Admin

  Spring is in the air, and the smell is captivating! With semi-sweet notes of April showers and May flowers, we’re excited to start planning...

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5 Funtastic Ideas for Your Favorite Furry Friends!
February, 18 2022 Admin

Although Valentine’s Day has come to an end, love is still in the air and your furriest, favorite friends are the purrrfect recipients for all that...

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Capture Candid Moments with 6 Fun Activities for Valentine’s Day and Beyond
February, 14 2022 Admin

Don’t settle for a Valentine’s DAY when you can have a Valentine’s celebration all year long!

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Santa Magic: A Moment to Remember  
December, 31 2021 Admin

Christmas has come and gone imperceptibly fast and after all the waiting and preparations for the celebration, the days after often feel like...

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10 Songs for the Whole Family to Singalong to Celebrate...
December, 22 2021 Admin

The holidays are almost over, so you better make sure you’re ready to spread the magic and joy with family and friends! This time of the year...

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15 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Pets, Kids, Family, Frien...
December, 15 2021 Admin

The holiday season is almost over! But it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with the last few days before Christmas, let’s celebrate...

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13 Tips for Hosting the Best Holiday Party
December, 3 2021 Admin

The holiday season is finally here, and it brings all its magic and joy to everyone around the world. It's the most wonderful time of the year...

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Countdown to Christmas: 25 ways to celebrate with famil...
December, 1 2021 Admin

Hopefully, by now you have slept off the turkey coma and have taken advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for holiday gifts – and a...

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20 Activities for Winter Holidays
November, 23 2021 Admin

Christmas traditions around the world |childhood memories to celebrate this holiday seasonChristmas traditions around the world |childhood...

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  Top 10 Favorite Childhood Holiday Memories
November, 20 2021 Admin

Do you remember the Christmas stories your family told you when you were a child? The annual trip to that relative, who always gave you...

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10 Ways to Get Creative with Your 2021 Santa Photos
November, 16 2021 Admin

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and Christmas just around the corner, The Holiday Blog continues the Christmas countdown with some fun and...

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Why Holidays Are Important
November, 14 2021 Admin

The holiday season is finally here, and it brings all its magic and joy to every home around the world. There will be shared laughs and...

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15 Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks for The Whole Family
November, 9 2021 Admin

Have you slept off the sugar rush and gotten your Halloween fear out of your system? Are you ready to gear up for the mellow and wholesome...

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Explore Santa Magic 2021 with Friends
November, 8 2021 Admin

The Holiday Blog has some exciting news for you: the official countdown to Christmas has already begun! It's the most wonderful time of the...

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17 Sensory-Friendly Ways to Celebrate the Holidays this...
November, 2 2021 Admin

There's a lot to look forward to during the holiday season! Christmas smells like delicious food, scented candles, gingerbread, and all the...

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9 Reasons Why Cats Make Wonderful Companions
October, 29 2021 Admin

Because October 27th is National Black Cat Day and the 29th is National Cat Day, let’s take some time to appreciate our frisky...

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11 Tips and Ideas to Celebrate Newborn Baby's First Hol...
October, 26 2021 Admin

The holiday season is all about spending time with your loved ones and especially with your kids. This time of the year is significant because...

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6 Ways to Repurpose Halloween Candy and Wrappers
October, 22 2021 Admin

When fall arrives, the misty skies and chilly rainy days are sure to follow. Naturally, most people frown at the bad weather. They wrap...

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Everyone's Favorite Fall Soup Recipes (your kids will l...
October, 18 2021 Admin

Did you know that the preparation of soup goes back many centuries in time? This meal is believed to be one of the earliest ever prepared by...

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Top Holiday Dessert Recipes and Tricks for 2021
October, 14 2021 Admin

People who enjoy ice cream, chocolate, or any kind of sugary treats will find the 14th of October to be a godsend. If you have a sweet tooth...

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Top Trending Halloween Costumes for 2021
October, 7 2021 Admin

It is Halloween in a couple of weeks, and as the spooky holiday approaches, everybody is getting busy preparing for it. Some...

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23 Carving Ideas to Celebrate Pumpkins in October
October, 5 2021 Admin

Pumpkins are one of the oldest plants to be cultivated by humans. The anthropologist, Logan Kistler, hypothesized that pumpkins owe their...

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13 Halloween Traditions to Celebrate All October
October, 1 2021 Admin

October is here, and its onset marks not only the beginning of the month but also, most importantly, it marks the beginning of the big...

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15 Reasons Why Shelter Dogs Are Your Best Friend
September, 27 2021 Admin

Did you know that dogs have lived side by side with humans for many, many centuries? It is believed that the reason behind this long-existing...

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Best 2021 Fall Activities to Celebrate Everyday!
September, 22 2021 Admin

Summer is probably the most beloved and preferred time of the year and there is no wonder - summer days are long and carefree, the nights are...

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100 Unique & Awesome Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your Li...
September, 17 2021 Admin

The holiday season is fast approaching with just 100 days until Christmas! Have you been thinking about what gifts you want to give this year?...

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14 Facts about Santa to Get into the Santa Magic Spirit...
September, 14 2021 Admin

Santa is that big guy with the white beard and red suit who lives at the North Pole. Santa has been around since nearly the beginning of time,...

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