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5 Funtastic Ideas for Your Favorite Furry Friends!

February 18, 2022

Although Valentine’s Day has come to an end, love is still in the air and your furriest, favorite friends are the purrrfect recipients for all that extra affection! February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day and here are 5 Funtastic ideas for your Favorite Furry Friends!


Let's get away this weekend with a Pet-Friendly Staycation


Looking for a fun way to spend your weekend? Why not try out a pet-friendly staycation? Pet-friendly hotels are very common across America, so pack up those paws (or claws), the bacon flavored treats and fish frenzy paste, and set out for a memorable weekend of pet-loving fun. Activities might include exploring public parks or taking an afternoon stroll along scenic riverbanks just before dinner time!


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Winner Winner, Steak Dinner?!?


Treat your purrrrfect bff to a nice steak dinner (since you and your pet can enjoy the same dish tonight) - though they may need it less cooked than how we eat it. Unless you're team Medium-Rare, that is! This especially fun ‘date night' can jazz up any weekday for you, but they’re just lucky they don’t know what a weekday is! For our more feline-friendly audience, a nice salmon filet is recommended along with an even nicer bowl of cold milk (not written by a cat… meow)




"Who Let the Dogs Out?" YOU Let the Dogs Out with this Brilliant Doggie Play Date!


Why NOT organize a doggie play date? It's the perfect way to show how much you care and enjoy spending time with your pup! You'll be able get some good exercise in while giving them love in return, plus it'll help keep those bored feelings at bay. And if you live in an area popular for snow fall, winter acclimated K9 breeds LOVE playing in the snow! We've all seen those videos... you know, the one with the Husky or St. Bernard laying in a bed of snow, absolutely covered. Super contempt, and not moving a muscle. Now imagine that... but Doggie Play Date Style and woofs all around! And if you don't know many people with other pets, then a dog park will work wonderfully!


Fieri Approved Fido Treats!!!


Ok so sadly we couldn't find any dog treats invented by the Mayor of Flavor Town, but we do know these floofy babes need a treat nonetheless! And I’m not talking about a dry milk bone - a real treat with amazing flavor!!! Many animals have a much stronger sense of smell and taste than we do, which makes them perfect candidates in exploring the world through flavor! For example, dogs have super-smell compared to humans, track scents and have a history of helping humans hunt by using their sense of smell to track. Cats also possess superpowers and practically have night vision too! So, Why don't you go ahead and give those furry friends something they'll love – meaty, scrumptious treats, or fresh fish fillets! They're always popular among our four legged family members!!


08.25.21_6 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day-08


Photoshoot time with a Special Guest...the Easter Bunny!!


Want to take your pets down the rabbit hole with you? Check out this Pet Night event with the Easter Bunny, where participating venues are hosting special sessions for furry friends. Where your bestest, four-legged friends can get all snuggles and photoshoot time with Bunny! Your pets will love the Easter Bunny just as much as you love seeing them together! Best part is that this event is happening all across America on March 23rd; so, make sure not to miss out this year!! Information about participating locations for this Pet Themed Bunny photoshoot event can be found at 


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